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August 06, 2009


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It's so interesting to hear how other people do it - the whole plot, outline thingy. I too have a hard time with a strict outline. And scene cards? Forget it! I do write very loose outlines of the general plot, including a subplot or two, but then let my characters grow into those roles organically. Afterall, I already know they'll end up there because it's who they are but I agree, the fun comes with the surprises they throw at you along the way.



Thanks so much for your comment! I agree about the loose outline and organic character growth. I think I'm a lot more structured than I used to be, partly because I've learned more about structure recently. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE when a character throws out a wild comment that gives yet another hint of their personality -- and helps steer the plot in fun directions.

It's great to hear your comments. And good luck with your writing!

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