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January 31, 2010


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Congratulations! If your books are anything like your blog then they must be great; love your sense of humor and your perspective is right on target.

So, when do we get to bring a stack of YOUR books up to the counter?


Coco, thanks so much for the congrats! And the compliments. I'm glad you enjoy my blog musings.

I am working on another book right now. My hope is that one of these days you'll be able to choose from lots of different books with my name on them when you're at the bookstore!


Donna -

Many congratulations on the FAB! And thank you for being so sweet as to mention me and Romance University on your blog.

As for celebrating, I was all out of champagne, but did have a tad of caramel Baileys in my coffee last night. :)

Here's wishing you great success with your FAB (and other) manuscript(s).


Alice Audrey

Congrats on placing! Kind of ironic to be a bridesmaid in a bridesmaids contest, though, eh? :) I visualize a church full of women in long, fluffy dresses all scrambling for the altar and there you are with your finger hitting the pulpit a split second after after Kelsey Browning. So very, very close.

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