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May 05, 2010


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*ROTFLMAO* DRD, you always crack me up.

I used to be a hardcore dogearrer. (Incidentally if anyone did that to my Harry Potter or Twilight books, they'd find their fingers broken.)

Dogearring isn't the worst that can happen. I lent a book to my sister--I *LOVED* this book, thought it was hilarious--and by the time it got back to me, it looked like it had been dropped into a bathtub like three times (with water, obviously), ran over with a car, dragged behind the car, and used to prop up a lame table for a time. That was the last time I lent my sister so much as a post-it.

Donna Cummings

Hellion, I cringed reading about your poor book! I'm crazy about being nice to books -- obviously some childhood warning that burrowed deep into my brain. You should see the paperbacks I've already read -- the SPINES aren't cracked or creased. LOL The only way I know for sure that I've actually read them is to look at the first few pages again!


I'm so with you on this! I've never dogearred pages in all my years of reading. And that's A LOT of years. But I used to never have a bookmark close by when I needed one. And you DO NOT set the book open face down until the next time. No no no no no. I will admit, these strict practices have resulted in an impromptu bookmark being made out of a single square of TP. (TMI?)

Donna Cummings

Terri -- I will confess to ONCE IN A WHILE setting a book open face down -- but just while I go look for a bookmark! And I'm laughing out loud about your resourcefulness, with the one square. LOL I applaud your devotion to keeping pages free from dogears!


I agree 100%. *sheepish look* I will stop doing this now. I'm kidding! Okay, I admit I'm a reformed page corner turner. I like to use those little post-it flags as my book marks, but you're right that anything will do. Once I got a library book with a $3 scratch off someone used as a bookmark. But then I reused it as a bookmark too (it was there!) and I'm pretty sure I left it when I returned it. :) I guess all books should come with bookmarks...but not the tempting kind.

Donna Cummings

Melissa, of course -- Post-its! Those are my favorite, but I always seem to lose THOSE too! LOL (It's hard to be a packrat when you keep losing all your STUFF!)

I like the recycled scratch ticket bookmark too. It's like there's tons of bookmark possibilities!

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