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May 24, 2010


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Here is how often I manage to blog. I actually had to sign into blogger to see what the name of my blog was called. lol

If it weren't for the ship, I wouldn't manage to get any blogging in. I agree that blogger is a great opportunity to get writing musings out there into cyberspace and get it out of your head space where more character, plot, ARCs, etc. can grow, but I'm not good enough at time management to manage to make more room inside my tiny brain space.

Great blog :)


And here is how often I manage to comment on blogs... I forgot it wouldn't automatically post my name. lol

Sin, of course. I would hate for you to come after me when it was me who suggested you do that to others.


*ROTFLMAO* Why do you think I started a blog with all my writing friends? I knew *they* would at least show up on the day I posted and commented.

But I love blogging too. It's like priming the pump to write for the WIP. I have to do a number of tricks and shenanigans to get my brain to want to write. It's like electric shock therapy really. You know you'll feel better in the end, but the treatment seems much worse than the cure.

Donna Cummings

Sin -- LOL -- your comment is even more precious for being RARE.

It's actually because of my blogging with the pirates that I decided I wanted to do more "semi-frequent" blogging here. So I'm going to do Monday Mojo and Friday Faves -- surely I've got enough to say to fill up two days/week. LOL

Donna Cummings

Hellion, that's exactly what it is -- priming the pump.

Although sometimes I find that my brain won't SHUT UP when I'm trying to do something else. LOL That's how my "Ode to a Bookmark" post came about -- I was trying to read, and my brain came up with this whole Andy Rooney diatribe about bent page corners -- so I had to stop reading and type it up. LOL

Terri Osburn

I'm a student of the semi-frequently school. (Great word, btw.) My two or three times a month on the ship is the perfect amount for right now. I do have a personal blog, which ironically I recently put on hiatus in order to finish the WIP. Sometimes you just have to prioritize and my old brain has only so much room left. WIP in, blogs out. For now. :)

But I've learned the craft through following blogs around romancelandia and you just can't get this kind of schooling for free anywhere else. Blogs rule.

Donna Cummings

Terri, I completely agree -- WIP comes first! I like to have another blank document open so I can spill thoughts into that while I'm working on the WIP.

And I've learned so much from all the other blogs in romancelandia (LOVE that word -- stealing it!) It feels like I wouldn't have progressed as far if blogs hadn't been invented. :)


Let's try one more time!

Let's see. I like things that thrive on benign neglect. Since a blog needs more than that... I'll sign up fer benign semi-neglect. And soon as I start me personal blog, I'll make ya a deal, Donnaroo.

I comment on yers, ya comment on mine!

Donna Cummings

It's a deal! We can semi-comment on each other's blogs! LOL

Jessica Maday

Blogging is like stretching before the workout. It warms up the muscles and focuses your mind so you're able to actually write. It quiets the voices of daily life which keep me from being being productive in 30 minutes a day I have to write.

Donna Cummings

Jessica, thanks for commenting! I completely agree with the stretching and warming up. For me it feels easier to make the switch to my WIP afterwards -- maybe it's because my WIP gets jealous from the attention the blog is getting! LOL

I loved the pics of the daffodils on your website. That's my favorite flower -- and it was such a beautiful display of them.


I wonder about this, too. I guess I think writing my blog is like writing in a journal, but you have that feeling of sharing that, as you say, "requires me to think in terms of succinctness, and clarity, and cohesion." Sometimes, that is. I guess some of my blog posts are better than others at carrying those things out! Maybe some of my blog musings should have remained private. *LOL* Others, are actually useful as a record of things I'd like to save for research. Blogs are great for sorting things out - - whether anyone comments or not. :)

But does it take away from my novel WIP? Probably. I think I do use up my writing energy on a blog more often than it being a warm up. Knowing this, I even made it a New Year's resolution that all blog posts needed to be directly related to my WIP. But that didn't work out. LOL *sigh*

Great blog!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I'm glad you enjoyed the post! And I had to wait to comment because I'm trying to finish some revisions -- gah! They're almost done though!

I resisted doing a blog at first, because I worried about getting consumed by it and not working on my fiction. But you're right about it being a good way of sorting things out -- I usually keep a document open for that very reason -- so I can type the "random thoughts" as they occur. I also like your idea of using the blog to keep track of things for research. Mmmm. I hadn't thought of that before!

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