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June 28, 2010


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I like this...a lot. "When it has nothing to give, I try not to take."

I think that is a theme that is integral to life in general, not just writing. I know for me the blanks slate with writing is scary due to how easy it is to just live there. It's just a relaxing place to be, where everything is new and fresh. Sort of like the butterfly drawing the eye... Oooo! Pretty!

Easy to just stay there and not stir outside to where the ideas are. What is that rule of physics?

The tendancy of something not in motion to remain not in motion. And man, I butchered that, but that's the fear for me.


Donna Cummings

Thanks, Maureen. I know what you mean, that fear that you'll stay in that blank slate place. But it seems like the brain has to keep moving after a certain amount of time, so it'll start poking you with new ideas and then it's up to you to cooperate with its prodding. LOL

A possible analogy of the "blank slate" phase is going to sleep every night and then waking up refreshed in the morning. It's not a permanent state, but something that is needed to get to the next phase.


Too true. My therapist says when depression hits that if you just sit with it, the boredom factor will eventually drive you to action. Which is true as long as the chemicals don't set the anchor too deep.

I also think the trick with writing is to be careful with the blank brain when ideas start to surface. Don't scare them away by getting frantic but don't ignore them to the point where they fade away.

It's a trick place to slip in and out of correctly...

"...the winner takes it all..."

I have ABBA on the brain...

Terri Osburn

You know, if your blog writing is any indication of your book writing, you are destined for the best seller list. You are so good at these.

I've been guilty of overloading my brain for the last several years. School and work and parenting and even coaching and event planning added on at times. Cutting back to the bare essentials has made all the difference in my writing. Proven by the fact only when I cut all the crap, I actually finished an MS!

I have short spurts of blank, mostly when I've been working on a scene too long and the brain is tired of thinking about it. But I've yet to get to the point of not having any new ideas waiting their turn. That's going to be a scary place when it finally happens.

BTW, all this and you don't tell us what your next idea is? Not even a hint?! Come on. Pwease?

Donna Cummings

Maureen, I think you're right about the boredom factor stirring things up. And when the ideas start bubbling to the surface, I just slowly reach for the laptop or a piece of paper and jot things down. . .quietly, so the brain can't get skittish! LOL

Donna Cummings

Terri, thanks for the compliments. *blushes* The blog posts are a nice way to work out things I'm thinking about while I'm in the midst of my fiction writing. I'm glad you find them enjoyable.

I'm glad you got to pare down some of that overload! Look at what wonderful results too -- finishing your manuscript (which I'm so glad of, because I can't wait to read all about Nate!)

As for my next idea. . .I've got a couple of things trying to get my attention. LOL I still have a few revisions on something else to finish before I can indulge a new book. BUT I can tell you it will definitely have a hunky hero and a sassy heroine! LOL


Love this! But.......what if it NEVER comes back?

-- driving around in the car in the middle of the night calling "Heeeeere, brainie, brainie, brainie!" ---

Donna, I love how you always give us such good, nutritious and delicious(ly funny) food for thought!

Donna Cummings

Bren, I'm glad you find my food for thought so nutritious! LOL I worry about it being junk food, which has its own merits, now that I think about it. :)

I understand the fear that your brain will never get back to its creative endeavors. But I also know it does return, since it enjoys the spark of discovering new things. Think of all those excited moments when your brain is shooting out great ideas left and right -- it wants to get back to that state, so once it's rested, that's where it's headed. It just requires a little faith. :)

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