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June 07, 2010


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You don't want to know what I find in my tub every fall. It puts Arachnophobia to shame.

I let my story lead. My characters know who they are before I do. My first draft is all about getting to know them more intimately sometimes there are a few tiffs. By time revisions come around we're able to talk a bit more calmly.

I hope JC doesn't end back in you tub.

Donna Cummings

Renee, that's a great way to put it -- "my characters know who they are before I do". LOL I think that's where the "cricket" thing can come in, when I try to make them go here, and the characters know better where they should be going. Thank goodness they're patient with me in those drafts!

JC hasn't showed up again, so I guess he must have seen that exasperated look on my face! LOL

Terri Osburn

I'm sure you tied this into writing but I can't stop freaking about where that cricket is now and HOW you could calmly climb into the shower knowing he's now lurking somewhere else in your house.

I'm not a bug person. :)

Donna Cummings

LOL, Terri. I'm sorry I freaked you out! I'm not a bug person either, but crickets don't bother me. I won't tell you about this other bug I saw recently. . .but I can tell you I flushed HIM down into Spider Heaven. LOL


If I post this and my orignal comment from a few hours ago is there...then I'm just blind and ignore me. LOL I'm certain the blog eats my comments but it's like trying to describe that noise the car makes to a mechanic...yeah, lady, sure it makes that noise. Or maybe comments to your blog are like your cricket hopping every which way! (I'm picturing you trying to catch them.) LOL Funny story!

Donna Cummings

Not to worry! This is the only comment I've seen, but I'll keep a lookout for others. LOL My blog is HUNGRY for comments I guess! Loved your analogy of the mechanic -- LOL

That cricket nearly got the best of me. Thank goodness I got to use the experience for a writing-related blog post!

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