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June 18, 2010


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Terri Osburn

I bet that smile is still on your face right now. LOL! CONGRATS, GIRLIE! Or should I say, Your Dictatoress? :)

Off to check out the interview. Not sure I'll comment as I'm not ready to pitch to her yet. I've got an appointment in six weeks and I'm going to need those six weeks to think of what to say!

Donna Cummings

Terri, you're right, the grin is starting to become a permanent feature. :) And I like the sound of Your Dictatoress. . .mmm, I might have to put that on some business cards. LOL

Make sure you check out the comments on that blog throughout the day. Christine is leaving comments for each person that are also very informative. I'm so excited about you getting to meet with her at RWA. (My fingers are crossed so tightly I think I just broke something!)


Ah, you people who do so well in contests just make me sick...

No sour grapes here!


Donna Cummings

LOL -- you're too funny! I'm just gonna take those sour grapes and make a REALLY great wine for us to share, you and me. :)


Congrats your Dictatoress-ship! You deserve it. BTW, we may be in the Boston area in late July - are you going to be around?

Donna Cummings

Thank you for the congrats! And I won't even tell you how much I like the new title you just gave me. LOL

Even though I *wish* I was somewhere else in late July, I'm sure I'll be right here. So come on over and we'll hoist a few beverages together!

Jan O'Hara/Tartitude

Dictatoress, huh? So appropriate.

Congratulations on finalling! That's so awesome. Is this for your contemporary or your historical?

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Jan! This is for I Do. . .or Die, the contemporary--you got to read the snippet of this in the Chase the Dream contest.

And I'm liking the Dictatoress job title -- although now I need some minions! LOL

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