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June 14, 2010


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SG Redling

LOL You failed to mention the not so charming habit of this kind of brain being transfixed by rappelling squirrels yet totally incapable of concentrating on a human conversation. Or maybe that's just me! *wanders off muttering* Fun post!

Donna Cummings

Sometimes rappelling squirrels ARE more interesting than human conversation. (I won't admit how much time I spent this morning trying to decide if the squirrels outside were auditioning for Ultimate Fighting Championship or the next So You Think You Can Dance. LOL)

Thanks for stopping by!


HA! And I imagine the convos going on underground when my dog is posed over the gopher hole... The other day I could see the gopher, just out of reach, glaring at her, as she stared at him...

I think this is where most children's books are born, in those conversations...


Donna Cummings

You're probably right about the birth of children's books. LOL Wouldn't it be great to hear what your dog and the gopher are thinking? :)

The squirrels outside my door today were crazy. There were two that were either practicing their wrestling stances OR were moving their relationship to the next level. LOL

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