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June 02, 2010


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Yeah, I know what you mean. It made my day when one of the buttons I'd made for the newbies made a difference for them. One made them braver, one gave them hope regarding the inner critic.

Yes, "What Would Jane Do?" enabled several to take chances and talk to people they'd normally be scared or intimidated by.

And "Don't Forget to Feed the Kraken" ... ? I heard them quoting it to each other whenever the voices of the inner critics began to clamor loudly. Since he eats inner critics! ;-)

Made me feel so good to know that! Congrats on having your comment appreciated!


Donna Cummings

Maureen, that is wonderful! You are so good to newbies -- no wonder the good karma is coming back your direction. :)

And I love "Don't Forget to Feed the Kraken" -- I'm glad it helped people forge ahead, because boy are those inner critics vicious sometimes. I think I'm going to rent the Kraken (or one of its offspring) to keep my inner critic a little fearful. LOL


You should read the blog I posted months ago on feeding the Kraken... you'll get the whole picture!


I don't remember if you were visiting us back then...

Donna Cummings

I don't think I was sailing with the pirates back then. I'm gonna check that post out. I think I've got some mighty hungry Kraken some days, so this will be perfect!

Thanks for sharing. :)


I can see why your comment made her day! :) I need a reminder too sometimes of "what am I trying to say here?" when I catch myself sometimes getting carried away with all the extras of a romance; secondary characters or paranormal bells and whistles. All fun, but not the romance I meant to write before I got sidetracked. Lovely quote!

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Melissa. I almost missed her comment, too, because I don't always go back to see the rest of the discussion. LOL So I'm glad I returned that day.

And even though the discussion was about whether older heroes and heroines are appealing to readers, I think "what am I trying to do?" is a good question to ask for specific scenes, or chapters. It's easy to get attached to "the good stuff", like you said. But maybe it isn't accomplishing the immediate goal for the story.

However, it makes it easier now to cut the good stuff since I tell myself I can use it as DVD extras on my blog someday! LOL

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