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July 16, 2010


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Ugh. I lost another post. I could get a complex here. LOL Kidding! :) I'll see if I can reconstruct.

On the napping to help create a novel, the concept sound great for writing down those thoughts pre-slumber thoughts. It does seem like those are some of the best ideas. At least I think they are. I usually fall asleep before I write them down. LOL Or if I did write them down, I'd wake up enough not get the nap in! Such a vicious circle. LOL

Revision is definitely exhausting. Like the nap concept, it seems like another circle of seeing "one more thing" to fix or add that takes longer than you expect. Or, one fix leads to something else to revise. Hang in there! You've made tons of progress and I bet you've had some great "that's it!" moments when you know you've tweaked just right. :) There. Hope it goes through!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I feel so bad about you losing your posts! I wish I knew why that was happening. Because I'd love to kick somebody into gear to fix it (if I knew who they were!) I know Maureen has had troubles too, so maybe TypePad doesn't like "M" names? LOL

Thanks for not giving up -- I love reading your comments. :)

Whenever the writing wears me out and I decide I'll lay my head down, "for just a minute", BANG, there comes a great idea to wake me up. LOL It couldn't show up a few minutes earlier?

And thanks for the encouragement about the revisions. :) I think the more you work with something, the more you see, so it can feel like you're not progressing, even when you are. Persistence will win the day! (I hope! LOL)

Terri Osburn

There are nights I come home from work and my body just crashes. The nap is usually only 30 minutes, but I do wake up refreshed. However, I don't wake up with great book ideas.

Now, going to sleep at night? Almost all of my ideas have shown up in those moments. On occasion, I'll turn the light back on and take notes. If I don't, it'll all be lost by morning. *sigh*

If I ever have the chance to write full-time, I can totally see employing these naps. :)


Melissa - I figured I was losing comments because I wasn't moving through the 'code' words at the bottom. With the size of my monitor, I wasn't seeing them at first...

Naps? No bloody way. I just don't nap...never have been able to. Unless I'm really sick... I have a friend who grabs her change and takes a bus ride to refresh herself. Finds without doing the driving, but just being a passenger, ideas just flow into her.

I do find ideas when I head to bed...it's the storyteller in me. Lay down...actually usually start in the shower, telling myself a story. Sometimes it's the one I'm working on, sometime it isn't. I've worked out problems this way...

Donna Cummings

Terri, I think a "restorative nap" at the end of the work day is a great idea. It probably lets your thoughts gather together, kind of like a "mental defrag". LOL

I've tried to remember all the brilliant things floating through my brain as I'm drifting off to sleep. Hah! I can't even remember my dreams in the morning. LOL

I don't take very many naps, but I like that it's an available option. :)

Donna Cummings

Maureen, the naps aren't required -- LOL -- I just like to present things that MIGHT work, and this seemed like an intriguing possibility. The bus ride is an interesting notion -- and I'm sure there's plenty to observe with the fellow passengers. :)

Taking a shower, and letting your brain relax as you go to sleep, really do coax out the storyteller. If only there was a waterproof laptop! LOL Or one that could work in my brain while I was sleeping. Now THAT would be worth buying!


Well, generally, Bonnaroo, I don't really worry about writing it down. Most of what I come up with at these times is just entertaining without being pursuit worthy...

If something really excites me, I figure out a way jot stuff down soon as I leave the shower.


Terri Osburn

I love that Maureen just mixed up Donna with her pooch. LOL!

Maybe someone needs a nap.

Donna Cummings

LOL -- I kinda wondered about that! I thought it could be a typo, since sometimes she calls me Donnaroo. :) I agree -- naps for everyone!


I plead a typo...

Not that it isn't likely I need a nap. I just can't seem to catch one and keep it.


I need a nap, too, though I doubt I can novel nap :-)

Donna Cummings

Does it count as a nap when it's nighttime? LOL

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