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July 02, 2010


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I've tried things like this before, though usually kept it to a word count and not a time thing. Because I like to bounce around between things so much while on my computer. But hey, if it works for you, give it a shot and let us all know how it goes!

I had an actual productive bit of HOA yesterday and got so much done in the house! I'm not going to regret the not writing at all!

Terri Osburn

I've found that I can aim for the word count, but not the timeframe. Once I get going on a scene and it's pouring onto the page, there is no sense of time in my head. While I was churning out the rough draft, I'd start writing at 7:30 or 8 at night, next thing I knew, it was well after 11. It's like I blinked and the night was gone. But I always had substantial word count. Maybe not the target, but real progress.

I tend to write from scene to scene, so I'd be better off setting the goal of "three scenes a day" or something. That is, if I didn't have this dang day job getting in the way.

I desperately need to find a schedule for the revisions. This new life development I through in out of nowhere is sucking the life out of me!

Donna Cummings

*wipes a tear of joy away*

Maureen, I'm so glad to hear your HOA was so productive! It makes me proud how you pirate wenches just took to that Hierarchy of Avoidance concept and embraced it wholeheartedly. :)

I'm still "fixin' to" try this 1k1h thing. Today seems to have a lot of other activities pushing to the front of the To Do line, but I'll definitely report back!

Donna Cummings

Terri, I generally shoot for the word count too. I love that losing sense of time like you describe, and when I'm in that zone I don't care about wordcount goals or timeframes.

This seemed like more of a "kickstart" kind of thing -- like a jolt of caffeine to get you going when your energy is flagging. LOL

And you get a MAJOR exemption because you're living at least FOUR people's lives right now. LOL The thought of everything you're doing is a major motivator for me -- because now I feel guilty at doing so much less! LOL


Don - Don't ya hate people who make you feel like that? I have on good day of housework and then I chat with Terri and feel like I did NOTHING!

Let's kill her.

Donna Cummings

LOL, Maureen. But then WE would have to do all the work SHE is doing right now.

At least I managed to make some productive use of my guilt. I just did the 1k1h thing, and I managed to get 1700 words in during that one hour. I was actually brainstorming the start of a new story, so I could probably get more words in if I was working on an actual scene. But I'm happy with what I devised, and I like doing a burst like this.

Only now I have to do some housework. LOL


Nah, I live on the other side of the continent and you're to the north...let someone else do all her work. I did all my grunt work when I put the DH thru school and spent three centuries in servitude to the phone company...

And ya all wonder why I prefer fiction...

Donna Cummings

I don't wonder at all! I love fiction for a lot of the same types of reasons. :)

Make sure you celebrate your independence from drudgery this weekend!

Terri Osburn

I'm still here, you know! Technically, I'm only doing the work of THREE people right now, seeing as kiddo is three states away. So the mom thing is getting a break for the next two months. I just decided to replace the mom thing with the packing thing.

Which, believe it or not, is easier. :)

Donna Cummings

Terri, you slacker! Only doing the work of THREE people. LOL I'm glad you're getting a "mom break" for a bit, although you did manage to add another chore with the packing! Maybe you can brainstorm some writing while you're filling boxes. :)


*ROTF* Yoda does have poor sentence structure. I guess he practices Yobonics. *pauses* Never mind.

I like this strategy--and yes, I practiced lots of time wasting today in fact!! 1k1hr. I'll give it a whirl. I used to be able to do 4 pages in an hour. Once upon a time.

Clarissa Southwick

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing. I just discovered your blog today. It looks great!

Donna Cummings

Hellion, I think I like Yobonics. LOL At least it would explain whatever it is that Yodo is "trying" to do!

I've done the 1k1h twice now and I am really accomplishing a lot. In fact, the second time, I got so caught up in what I was writing that I went for another half hour, and another 700 words. It may not be how I always do things, but it really is a great motivator right now.

Donna Cummings

Clarissa, thanks for stopping by! It's great to see a fellow "BC Babe" around here. :) The Friday Fave posts are based on things I find that I hope will be helpful to others, so I'll be interested to see if it worked for you. Thanks again for saying hello!

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