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August 20, 2010


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Makeing me think of the many fascinating convos on the Revenge that I missed this week because I arrived fashionable late! But I did overhear a lot of cool stuff...

I think the trick with having a character enter late is make sure the catch up doesn't appear as backstory.

Now I do like having them leave just so that they miss a crucial piece of information...builds tension!


I probably don't "get in," or make my entrance, with as much pizazz as I get out with. LOL It's always hard to pinpoint that right spot for jumping in. (Now I'm thinking of jumping into a skipping rope game in progress. It wouldn't be pretty. LOL) I take hope in the numbers that you only have to make an entrance once. Then if everyone loves you, hopefully they will stick around. They can't leave while they hope desperately for you to come back. LOL

Donna Cummings

Maureen, this probably speaks to me because I'm usually running late, even if it's NOT because I'm fashionable. LOL (Years ago my sister gave me a license plate holder that said, "Always late, but worth the wait". LOL Guess I should apply that to writing scenes too!

You're right about the backstory -- they can't defeat the whole purpose of arriving late by dumping info in there!

Donna Cummings

Oooh, Melissa, I like that analogy of jumping into the skipping rope game. I remember how hard I thought it was, and was so determined to get it right -- and one day it just WORKED. LOL

And perfect advice about only having to make an entrance once!

Jan O'Hara

Ooh, I haven't been around enough to know you'd embarked on a series about craft, but awesome!

As for your party metaphor, it's both apt and sounds familiar. Is it possible it's from a book? My hunch would be STORY, by Robert McKee, or TECHNIQUES OF THE SELLING WRITER by Swain. Either way, it's good advice.

Donna Cummings

Jan, good to see you! And I don't know if I'm doing a "series" -- that implies something a lot more organized than what I'm doing. LOL

I haven't read STORY, but I'd like to, and I have that Dwight Swain book packed away somewhere -- I love that book and would like to read it again. Talk about motivation for finally going through some of those boxes!

Robert Gregory Browne

Think of your scene as a party. I like that.

Thanks for the shoutout.

Donna Cummings

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for inspiring it. :)


Get in and make your point and get out...that's something I'm still working on

Donna Cummings

Colby, I usually fix that in revisions, since sometimes I'm not sure WHERE the party is starting. LOL I have to mosey around until I find it and then I'm good to go. :)

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