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August 16, 2010


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Donna, you have to quit sneaking into my brain and meddling with blogs I've just written for the next week.


Though mine doesn't really have to do with field trips, so I'll let it go. This time.

I've tried to take advantage of stepping aboard any tall ship available since I started writing the pirate theme books. And taking the wheel at the holidays down in Mexico was a real trip.

I used a lot of detail from the pirate festivals I attend in the intro to The Kraken's Mirror. And I know when I'm ready to really revise my urban fantasy, I'll need a trip to Catalina Island... So nice to approach research and vacation in one package!


Wow. This is amazing. You type 120 wpm? LOL That part sticks out too. :) I can't do that.

I'm pretty sure I'd never have gotten out on that lighthouse platform. I'm horribly afraid of heights and get vertigo. But maybe...just maybe...if I'd already braved the climb to the top I'd figure I had to. Then I'd imagine some of those crazy thoughts you had about the railing or what if the meddlers shut the door (if there was a door to the opening) behind me? Eeek!

This is a great blog and so timely! I'm needing this right now when writing/revising (you know I mix them together! LOL) my scene of my heroine crossing a rope bridge. When I first put the scene down, I get a lot of telling of her heart thumping - - as in saying her heart is thumping with every step. The poor girl is going to have a heart attack so the fall won't matter! LOL Those 'what if' thoughts make it real. I am NOT going to experiment with the real thing, however. LOL The 'what if' thoughts I can draw on from something else come in handy though - -like I've been thinking about being stuck on top of a ferris wheel as my personal 'heart thumping' height research. *shudder* Then maybe go to the playground and walk across the rope bridge two feet off the ground for the rest. LOL


And I really need to restrain myself on the LOLs. (LOL)

Donna Cummings

Maureen, I can hardly find my way around in MY brain, so I promise I'm not strolling around in YOURS. Honest!

I'm envious of all the things you've gotten to do, and all in the name of research. I would love to get on a tall ship, so that's on the top of the "Research To Do" list. And I can't wait to read how the pirate festivals have made it into your books -- I know it'll be great fun!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, don't restrain yourself on the LOLs! I use them constantly, because it's one of the best ways to express myself! (I don't think you can overdose on them!)

I can't remember when I got "clocked" on my typing speed, but I used to be able to go that fast on an old IBM selectric, so I'm pretty sure I go that fast or faster on a laptop. :)

When I re-read this post, I was pretty amazed that I'd made it onto that lighthouse platform too! Seriously. I was SO winded from walking up all those steps (and feeling even more out of shape than I wanted to feel!) And I died laughing at you adding the "meddlers" shutting the door! Aaugh. I hadn't thought of that one. LOL

I love the idea of doing the two-feet-off-the-ground rope bridge re-enactment. That makes perfect sense. You can always get the heart-pounding from something else!

Terri Osburn

That 120 wpm thing stuck with me too. Along with you're constant penchant to guard your plots like Fort Knox. LOL! Even thinking about all those steps has my knees screaming dire warnings.

I need to make a trip back to Ocracoke Island in the Outer Banks since my next book is set there. Hopefully, I can get the current MS revised and out the door then take a nice long weekend on the island this fall.

Can't say I've really done anything else for research, which is depressing now that I think about it. My next hero is a charter boat captain, so I hope to find someone to consult on that area. Living in this area, that shouldn't be hard. I hope.

Donna Cummings

I had no idea my typing speed would cause such fascination. LOL And I'm keeping this particular plot locked up a while longer, because it's a big more "high concept" than my other manuscripts. :)

I haven't done as much research as I'd like to either, Terri, but I plan to be more diligent about it. What I have done has been really fun, and kind of liberating. Can't wait to hear about your Ocracoke Island sojourn. :) And the charter boat and the. . .LOL

Terri Osburn

You must know I just love teasing you about the plot thing. By all means, you're probably the smartest among us not to be flinging the details left and right, which I'm prone to do. Maybe if I hang with you a bit longer, you'll rub off on me for the good. LOL!

About the... LOL! If the boat's a rockin'...

Okay, that was really lame. I'm going to wonder off now.

Donna Cummings

LOL, Terri -- I know you're teasing, and I love to tease you back by dropping HINTS and saying nothing else! I'll do my best to rub off on you, although I was kinda hoping I'd be a bad influence. LOL

I'm chuckling about the boat rockin'. :) And I'm SO afraid to say "Ocracoke" out loud -- I know I'm gonna mess that one up in a big way!

Terri Osburn

It's pronounced exactly how it's spelled, actually. Put the veggie and the soda together.

Okra + Coke = Ocracoke

Easy peasy. :)

Donna Cummings

Ahh, that explains my troubles -- the word "okra". LOL It's something I detest, so it was making me stumble, and I was afraid I'd say the last half of the word wrong. LOL

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