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September 03, 2010


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My favorite usage of fear, other than food for the Kraken...is fuel. I like to pervert it into rocket fuel, strap it on my back and play like coyote...hopefully without the running out of gas while I'm midair over a crevasse.

First it takes bolting out of rabbit hole, of course!

And you did it again, slipped into a parallel world of complementary blogs...you vixen! Though mine is more about instinctual stuff...driven by fear.

Hee, hee.


As I read this, I was hoping that line starting with "If we don't respond..." would say, "then fear would search out SOMEONE ELSE." LOL Not very altruistic of me! But to say it can be used, as Maureen says, as fuel, makes conquering that fear, or harnessing it's energy, more gratifying than outrunning it. So, in a way, a writer wouldn't want fear to go elsewhere.

Oh, and this blog does parallel in a way Maureen's blog! Very inspiring - both of you!

Donna Cummings

Maureen, thank you for calling me a vixen! You might have just made my entire day! LOL

I think you said what I was TRYING to say -- which is to use the fear as fuel. That's exactly what we need to do, so it propels us forward instead of keeping us pinned in place, unable to move.

It's nice that we can move in these parallel planes! (What are you planning next? LOL

Donna Cummings

Melissa, you're brilliant -- if only I'd thought of fear searching out somebody else. LOL I'd even help out with a map and a list of suspects!

And I don't really mean to OUTRUN fear - I think if you acknowledge that the fear is there, and then put it to use, as a motivator, then it can become a helpful tool. The problem for me is when it starts to stir things up, and bit by bit it takes over, so a little windstorm turns into a tornado! I'm trying to take all that power and redirect it. LOL


Well, you could ride that tornado, Donna. Like...man, what western americana folk tale did that? Pecos Bill?

And no way am I telling you what I'm blogging next, the universe may collapse if we plan a waltz with the blogs...

Donna Cummings

Pecos Bill -- I think you might be right! That's kind of the visual I had in mind. Perfect. :)

And you don't have to tell me what you're planning next. LOL Apparently our brains are in synch so we don't need to talk!

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