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September 13, 2010


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Well, the storytelling be easy...it's the writing it all down in a sensible fashion that proves difficult. And keeping it in order, without confusion...

Details! Details! Details!

I know it were easier in the beginning because I didn't know better and just wrote without worry 'bout rules or all that nonsense.


Donna Cummings

Maureen, it was probably easier in the beginning since we didn't know the rules. BUT it was also easier to reject those manuscripts, since they had more enthusiasm than anything else. LOL

Thank goodness we're stubborn, or tenacious, right? LOL


So true! I am having that issue now where I swear this is the "hardest" book I've written. LOL

Liz Fichera

I was just thinking this very thing this weekend as I was working on my current WIP. Which may kill me yet.

Life always looks easier in the rearview mirror? :-)

Donna Cummings

Jenn, I think we try harder things each time, because we like the challenge (I'm guessing that's what it is! LOL) So if that's the case, each book actually WILL be harder than the last. Now all we have to do is convince ourselves it's a good thing!

Donna Cummings

LOL, Liz -- maybe our brain is trying to be merciful, giving things in the rearview mirror a rosy glow? Otherwise we'd give up entirely! LOL

Clarissa Southwick

Donna, This is so true. I thought my first book was easier too, but then I remembered all the times I changed the word count to fit a certain publisher, the time I tried to rewrite it as a YA, etc. One of these days, I'm going to write a perfect first draft, but it hasn't happened yet. Great post.

Donna Cummings

Clarissa, wouldn't it be wonderful to write a perfect first draft? Sigh. LOL I feel like I know so much more about writing, so it should automatically be easier. :) But since it's not, I'll just keep my stubborn self typing away until this book SEEMS easy. LOL

Laurie Faelan

LOL. It seems the one we are working on is always the most difficult. I'm lucky though, I've found the method that works best for me so the first draft is much easier. But then comes revisions and they are always tough!

Thanks for stopping by the Roundtable today!

Donna Cummings

Laurie, you're so right! When I'm drafting, I can't wait to get to revisions, but then when I'm revising, I keep thinking how much easier it was when I was drafting. LOL

I'm glad you came over from the Roundtable (I really enjoy that blog, by the way). :)


And we chant...


Well, maybe at least it can be fun...

Donna Cummings

It's definitely fun! That's why we do it, right? :)

Terri Osburn

Is this supposed to be making me feel better? Because I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling. Whining and freaked out, but not warm and fuzzy. LOL!

Thankfully, there are snippets that come easy. And occasional "Aha!" moments that make things easier. But "easier" is relative, after all. LOL!

I want a perfect first draft too!

Donna Cummings

Well, yeah, it was SUPPOSED to make you feel better! LOL Because if I truly believed the easy stuff was behind me. . .well, I'd be crying all over the place. LOL

And you are so right about "easier" being relative, because there are some days when the words are flowing like they'll never stop, AND they're even in the right order the first time out! So no freaking out. Not today. :)


I did comment yesterday...really! It got ate. Oh, well, since then I've changed my mind about what I said anyway. LOL I think I agreed that I selectively remembered my finished book was easy. Sure. But since I've had time to think about it I've refreshed my memory. It wasn't easy. By looking in the folder with all my dated revisions I remember the work almost in third person. Who was that stubborn person who didn't give up? It's a good thing to remove the blinders of selective memory and appreciate that the the former wasn't a fluke but earned. It can be done again. :)

Donna Cummings

Poor Melissa - you just have the tastiest comments as far as my blog is concerned! I'm glad it gave you a chance to reconsider though. LOL

And that's a great idea, to look through the dated revisions, to see exactly what it looked like when you started, as opposed to when you finished. There's a lot of progress there, as well as a lot of admiration for that stubborn person who wrote it. :)

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