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October 24, 2010


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Clarissa Southwick

What beautiful pictures. I love all the bright colors. :)

Donna Cummings

Clarissa, thanks -- I love digital cameras, because I just point and shoot, and it creates lovely pics. LOL I love all the bright colors of this season, and wish they would last for a lot longer!


Gorgeous pics, Donna! I never knew there were so many varieties of pumpkins either. Fall is my favorite season too. The leaf colors in the South are pretty, but not as spectacular as yours. Of course, it'll be sweater weather here when y'all are shivering in winter's blast. For me, that's worth admiring those glorious colors from afar. :)

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Janga! I've been having a lot of fun with my camera lately. I wish I could get some pics of the maple trees with their intense red leaves, but I only see them when I'm driving! LOL Nowhere to pull off to take a picture. :(

I think I need to start heading south when it gets cold here. LOL The first snow is pretty, but after a few months of it. . .yecch!


Wow! Fabulous pictures! How did I miss this? I mean both your blog and the late fall splendor. I must have my head in the sand lately...or textbooks! LOL Actually, this is the time of year in northern MN where we're just waiting for snow to brighten things up. Everything is bare and dreary so thanks for the extra burst of fall color!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, you didn't miss anything! I kind of sneaked this one in yesterday. LOL Saturday was a beautiful day and I went out and took some pics, and then Sunday I decided I want to play around with them, so this was the result.

I hope school is going well - when is the term over with?

You're right about snow brightening things up when there aren't any leaves around. LOL Thanks for cheering me up! The *thought* of winter is scratching at my nerves this year for some reason, so I've got to try to see the bright side of it. LOL

Erin Kelly

Absolutely fabulous! Great pics - makes me want a big steaming mug of apple cider :) Thanks for sharing with us southerners!

Donna Cummings

Erin, glad you enjoyed the pics. I didn't have my camera with me today when I saw some of the bright red trees -- I always gasp when I see them, but I never have the camera!

And today is 79 degrees -- SO not like autumn. So I'm serving cold apple cider today! LOL

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