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October 11, 2010


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I don't sense panic so I guess you didn't lose anything...hope that's the case! Sorry about your loss. It's both exciting and frustrating to transition to a different computer isn't it! I use the Inspiron 1525 and I'm showing the love! LOL


As I sit, tapping away at my ancient Toshiba, I am reminded of the day it went dark. yes, we revived it, but we are aware it's days are limited. The fan goes on and gets pissy and then, my Toshiba simply shuts off. But it always recovers! The lid no longer holds itself up, but is propped up by a box of nickels.

It no longer leaves the house... It's successor, my Fujitsu? Alas, it is showing signs of being tired. I've worn through several keyes, there's a hairline fracture at one hinge...it's very slow...

But it's so hard to part with those that have seen us through!

Sorry to hear about your 1501 and I hope it's successor will live up to the same standards. And I'll miss you on Twitter until you're back up!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I've been feeling so bad because I can't get back to comment on YOUR blog! Don't give up on me. LOL I'll be there soon. I'm hoping to get the new one within a week so I can get back to normal. :) I'm glad to hear the Inspiron is working for you. :)

Donna Cummings

Maureen, thanks for your condolences. It's driving me slightly crazy not having internet access every minute of every day! On the plus side, I have been accomplishing a lot of projects at home that get ignored when I can jump onto the computer whenever I want.

I plan to order the successor today, and hope to have it within a week or so. And then I'll be back to terrorizing Twitter again! LOL

P.S. Don't wait too long to get your laptops replaced!


Well, Donna...my Fujitsu will be
replaced before the end of the year. The Toshiba is just going to whirl away until it's done. Then we just use the big Dell we have at home for me also!

Jan O'Hara

I wondered what was going on when I didn't "bump" into you in the virtual world. Glad to hear you look good in black. I hope you got yourself some killer shoes for the funeral. ;-)

Donna Cummings

Maureen, just don't wait too long! I'm so excited to get my new laptop -- which is supposed to be tomorrow (hallelujah!) It's been interesting not having constant computer access, but I've done about all the writing by hand I can do for now! LOL I want to get it all typed up and organized!

Donna Cummings

LOL, Jan -- I wear black practically every day, so it probably looks like I'm always at a funeral. Of course, I always love an excuse to buy some new killer shoes!

Maybe I should get a new pair to welcome the new laptop into my home too. LOL

I'll be back terrorizing Twitter and the rest of the online world soon!

Terri Osburn

Now I want to go home and hug my laptop. After backing it up, of course. Must get that external hard drive.

Sorry to hear about the crash of 1501, but it sounds like he served you well. Perhaps you should keep the delete key, as a momento?


Are you going to bury 1501 in the orchard as we do our dear departed pets? There are several there, but I hope we won't have to be turning the earth again soon - Bernie is getting on in years, you know. However our electronics never get to "die" around here - having an EE around the house means we have 5 working computers of various vintages and parts and pieces of several more, going back to the late 80's, I think. Anybody need any old (but never say obsolete) obscure computer parts? If so, Eric's your man.

Donna Cummings

Terri, I hope you gave your laptop lots of hugs and kisses. LOL

My new one -- the Inspiron 15R -- arrived today, and it's SO shiny and pretty! They shifted the keyboard and mouse to the left though, so I'm trying to get used to that. LOL I do love the absence of dust--wish that would last forever!

Donna Cummings

Leslee, I have been thinking about you, but obviously couldn't get in touch! LOL I want to hear about Prague. :)

That's hilarious about your electronics museum. LOL It sounds like my BFF's husband -- only he's that way with EVERYTHING, not just computer stuff!

I ripped the hard drive out of 1501 and now it's got one of those hard drive condom thingies, that turns it into an external hard drive, so I'm thrilled about that. I think I can insert the RAM I'd upgraded 1501 with into this one -- yeesh, I'm turning it into a Frankencomputer. LOL And now I have to learn Windows 7. I had to learn Windows Vista with 1501. LOL


Oh, God...Windows 7. I've heard so many good and bad things about that. I should get my new computer soonest so I can use you as a test case... Let you make the mistakes first! LOL!

Donna Cummings

Maureen, I'll let you know what happens in my travels through Windows 7. LOL I'll be happy to be the trailblazer and report back on all the strange new discoveries I encounter!

Terri Osburn

I have Windows 7 at work and the only irritating part about it is that it won't play with printers well. In fact, it's a right PITA about them. :) Other than that, it's not much different.

Donna Cummings

Yikes, the printer! I forgot about that, since I don't use it very often (mainly when I'm printing off my Borders coupons! LOL) I guess I better put that on the list of things to check out. Thanks for the reminder!

Laptopz Coupon Codes

yeah,it's hard not to feel sad at the loss of Dell Inspiron 1501. It was a real workhorse.

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