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October 22, 2010


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Nice. I should really follow this suggestion. ;-)

I've been thinking lately that the pressure of thinking of a word count was poisoning my efforts to write. Because I was making such small progress that those words just weren't adding up fast enough to count! Sigh.

I do know better. So today, I'll write the story just for the story and if the words aren't enough...I can add those when I feel passionate about them!

Donna Cummings

Maureen, sorry I didn't comment sooner -- I decided I "should" go out and enjoy the sunshine, and of course when I finally got ready, the sun disappeared and the wind took over again. LOL Still I decided to go to my "office" at Starbuck's, because that magic table there helps with my writing so much -- and it did the same again today!

I think it helps to think of a story as being fun -- Terri had mentioned in a comment the other day here about it being "make believe", and that got me to thinking. We need to feel that joy, so we can transmit it to our stories. :)


Oh boy, girlie, you KNOW this rings a bell with me! The "Shoulda woulda couldas" will kill your spirit if you give them a chance. Thanks for giving me, through your post, the freedom to just "DO", exercising - and exOrcising - those demons into exhaustion so I can get to the good stuff!

Donna Cummings

Those "shoulds" do know how to worm inside our souls, don't they? I think I'm calling a moratorium on them today too. :) It's just too nice a day to let the "shoulds" be in charge! Hope you get to steer clear of them too.

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