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October 25, 2010


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Hey! I brought another jug! Whenever you're ready! And thanks for the interview, Donna...I'll hang around for days, and days, and days!

Donna Cummings

Maureen! I was just headed for bed, since it's the wee hours here on the other coast. But maybe a quick little nightcap would be in order. . .

Whew! That stuff stays strong, doesn't it?!

Yo Ho Riley

Hey Maureen! :) So glad to read your first drunken pirate interview! But eww, old people sex! ;) heh. Well, not sure I can say that anymore, since I just turned "old". Sigh. Can't wait to see you in April and hug you, high five you, and get your book! WTG!

Kimberly Meyer

Lovely interview, Maureen! Can't wait to read Kracken's Mirror and see you in April!


You guys better ease up or you'll need to join AA. :) Love the interview--and I love Mo's new catch-phrase: "You think you scare me? I almost DIED! Ha, ha, ha!" I'll have to use that somewhere.

Donna Cummings

Riley and Kimberley, thanks for stopping by! Maureen will be by later since she's on the left coast and is still sleeping. :)

Donna Cummings

Hellion, yes, you're right -- trying to outdrink a Pirate is not a worthy goal! LOL And Maureen's catch phrase DOES put everything into perspective. :)

Terri Osburn

You were 14 in 7th grade? Really? LOL!

Great interview you two! That drink sounds pretty darn potent, but it also sounds perfect for a blustery fall day. Of course, we're hitting 80 degrees here today so I don't know where the hell blustery got off to.

Congrats on the sale and the awesome cover! Can't wait to add this to my Reader and to get my hands on Jez's story too.

Donna Cummings

Terri, I guess we shouldn't be trying to do math while guzzling Maureen's drinks! LOL I never made that connection!

80 degrees? You're just trying to make me jealous. Maybe the painting gods thought you were still painting your new place today -- I remember painting a bedroom in July when it was about a bazillion degrees. Yikes. I need to go rest just THINKING about it!

Patricia Davis

What a great interview! Congratulations both of you :oD And, BTW, I found myself wanting one of those drinks with my breakfast oatmeal (What? there's fruit in there, right? ;o) Maureen, you're an inspiration to me--without your nagging--oops! meant "encouragement", honest--I would never have gotten my own trilogy begun. Cannot *wait* to see "Kracken's Mirror" in print!!!

Deanna Wadsworth

Hey I showed up! Where's the party?....and by party I mean alcohol! Looks like you went and drank it all! Well when Captain Silvestri stops by and talks to my Ichabod Crane I'll have to send a message to Maureen to save me a glass!!
Fun interview!

Jane L

Maureen, This is awesome! I am so excited for you and look forward to Kracken's Mirror. The cover is lovely! Good job! I knew you could do it!

Donna Cummings

Patricia, you're my kind of gal! Of COURSE the apple liqueur is the perfect accompaniment for oatmeal--actually I'm not a huge fan of oatmeal, so it might make that go down easier!

Donna Cummings

Deanna, I think Maureen is sleeping it off--er, I mean sleeping in. :) She promises that this is a neverending pitcher, so we'll see how long we can make the drink last. LOL

I can't wait to see Ichabod Crane interview Captain Silvestri--it sounds wicked fun!


I'm up! I'm up! And without a hangover! TADA! It's apples, it's good for you and I'm sticking to that, period!

Thanks, Yo Ho, I told you that someday you'd appreciate old people sex. Here, have a drink, it gets better!

Kim - Time off the tractor to see me! I'm touched! I saw the sweetest looking wind wheel the other day on someone's lawn...all tractorish and thought of you... ;-)


Truth to be told, Hellion... Once you've faced down death the idea of a rejection isnt' so scary. Don't mean it don't hurt, but the fear isn't there so much.

Wonder what pirate AA would be like... Would they call it RR? Arrrr Arrrr. "Me name be Pegleg and I drink too much rum!"

*bottles fly out of the crows to hit the first speaker...

Terri - OK, how old was I in 7th grade? I swear, I don't remember! Started kindergarten when I was almost seven...One year per grade...

I need some paper...


Pat - Dear artist to put all artists to shame, yer gonna get that trilogy written and sold and we're gonna dance the night away!!!

Deanna - I've been telling everyone about the interview...can't wait! I'll bring a jug, just easier to mix by the jug!

Jane - I know you don't drink...but thanks for the flowers. She sent me flowers when I signed...ain't that sweet!

Donna Cummings

Maureen! I'm glad you're here. I was just going to step out for lunch -- it's not a good idea to have too many jugs of the Silvestri's Bite on an empty stomach. Heck, it should come with a warning: "May knock you on your backside". LOL


All the best drinks do! ;-) Have a good lunch!

Terri Osburn

You started Kindergarten when you were almost 7? Well, then I guess that might be right. I started Kindergarten at 5 and I thought that was pretty common across the board. And we're both born in December so really it's two different ages per year. :)


The year I began school, I missed the cut off so had to wait another year. So by Dec of kindergarten, I was 7...yup!

Donna Cummings

Okay, I'm back from lunch. :)

I started kindergarten when I was 4, which seems incredibly young! Just goes to show you how "rules" can be so treacherous -- LOL -- they're never used the same way twice!


Wow, four? See, I had my drivers license half way through my junior year of high school this way... So, at least I got that...


Hi Maureen.

You know that you've made it when invited to give celebrity interviews!

Did the 'near death' experience inspire the idea of a portal to another world?

I do hope you obey Einstein's relativistic laws when whizzing through these portals by the way.
No transporting your molecules faster than light please.

Course, no limits for minds and perception and imagination.

I know that all three are stunning to behold in your case so I have no worries.

Can't wait to read 'Kracken's Mirror'!

Terri Osburn

Geez! How old were you when you got your license?! If you were 14 in 7th and got your license Jr year, then you would have been 18! I still say you should have been able to start Kindergarten when you were 5 almost 6. LOL! Why would they have made you wait another year?! (And don't ask me why in this entire awesome interview that I'm hung up on this. I've no idea.)

Donna - So the over-achiever stuff started early, huh?


Q - I'll make sure you get a copy ASAP!

I read a fascinating bit about traveling faster than light and how so much of it would be perception and you'd never actually do it... Ah! Nathan Branford did a blog last week...sparked a lot of discussion about the idea of 'arrival' as an author. You ought to look it up, right up your ally!


WEll, the whole learner's permit etc... I had my license at 16...so somewhere I have my numbers wrong.

Big surprise! CA cut off for kindergarten was 6 by November 28 the year I might have been eligable. But I was born Dec 7, so had to wait another year.

Donna Cummings

Q, I'm so excited -- I think this is the first time you've commented on my blog. :) I'm chuffed, I really am. I'll have to use Maureen as bait more often! LOL

Donna Cummings

Terri, I didn't think about it, but yeah, maybe that's where the overachiever thing started -- even tho I didn't have a choice about it. LOL

Although I'm definitely a "no achiever" today when it comes to writing. Hey, I'll ask Maureen: what is your daily writing practice? Or is it daily? Give a girl some inspiration. :)

Sarah Mäkelä

Congrats again on The Kraken's Mirror, Maureen! Great interview.

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