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November 12, 2010


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I heard about him this afternoon, on my news radio, KCBS, they covered his career some and played an example from that game. Sounded like a very knowledgable and involved newscaster.

I'm with you, we'd all like to make such an impression with our chosen careers!

Donna Cummings

Maureen, he really was great--one of those people who make an impact when you don't realize it. I saw a quote where he said he loved his job and that "he never had to work a day in his life". :)


WOW! Did you ever send ME back! Thanks so much for this post!

I remember sitting on my grandfather's lap, cheek against those itchy wool shirts he wore three out of four seasons, and even then at night in the summer, smelling of sawdust and tool oil and shellac and Michelob and the Lime Rum aftershave he would buy every winter in Florida, listening to the rumble of his voice through his chest, listening to Red Sox Games either on the radio or on TV. Curt Gowdy would amble along, filling my ears with syllables that made no sense to a little girl who didn't even understand the game. Then all of a sudden Curt's voice would rise, volume and tone ratcheted up, up, up and he would ERUPT in a joyous babble over some hit or catch or pop fly or what have you.

As evocative as smells can be, for me sounds are close behind. Your post sent me on a sweet and happy sojourn back to the days.......

Donna Cummings

It's funny how sounds and smells can evoke such emotional memories.

It's also interesting how many connections I have to people because of baseball, specifically the Mariners--boy did we discuss the heck out of these games! I'm definitely feeling the need to revisit those people, and those times.

I'm glad it was a nice trip down memory lane for you. :)

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