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December 06, 2010


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Oh, now we know your secret vice. Shoes you've never worn? I usually get at least one good blister stroll out of a pair before I decide to let them go!


I do have an overabundance of blank books. You know, when they first came out it was so cool! All those pretty hardbacks waiting for my words! And I'd buy them and scribble a bit, sometimes a lot.

Then I got my first laptop and kept buying the blank books. But I never 'handwrite' anything anymore.

Last year I filled two paper sacks with them and donated them to the local school. What the heck! Someone should get to use them!

Funny thing...I didn't stop buying them.

*shakes head ruefully

Terri Osburn

I too tried to sell things on Craig's List for the first time recently. It worked for the washer & dryer, but the other stuff was a bust. I'm switching tactics.

I love shoes, but since I can't wear heels anymore (sniff) I don't buy them. I pulled out a pair I bought about four years ago for my holiday party this past weekend. Gold peep-toe with a cute little bow. Look like Cindarella slippers. Somehow, they were a tick too big now. How could my feet have shrunk when I'm 15lbs heavier?!

I'm have serious boot envy with the over-the-knee black ones you describe. Damn, those sound awesome. I bet you and kiddo are about the same size, any of those flats? LOL!

Donna Cummings

Maureen, I was quite shocked to find out that I had *cough* a few *cough* unworn pairs. In my defense, some of them were packed away, but still. LOL

That's too funny about the blank books. I think I would end up buying a few of those too. Isn't it funny what kinds of things give us comfort? Hopefully your donation will inspire somebody else to get addicted to buying them too! LOL

Donna Cummings

Terri, I can't wear high heels much anymore either, which is why a couple of these are going to have to find somewhere new to live. *sniff* The ankle booties are adorable, laced up the front, patent leather. Waaah. But the heel is too much for me.

Your gold peep-toes sound adorable! I'm jealous. And that IS funny that your feet shrank. Shrunk. Um, got smaller. LOL It's cool though!

I hate winter, so boots are the only thing that keep me somewhat sane, which is why I love my over-the-knee ones so much. I'll try to take a pic for ya. :)

And the only flats I have is a pair of scrunch-type suede boots. I'll email you the pic and see if it's anything the kiddo could use. :)


I figure kids can use the paper and the guy I gave them to said they make great incentive gifts to keep the kids motivated. Good enough reason for me!

Donna Cummings

That's awesome they use the books as incentives. And I'm thrilled that the kids CONSIDER blank books to be incentives--that means lots of writers in the future. :)


This morning when I read this I giggled at the thought of your ad saying, "Needed: Good home for ankle booties, pumps and scrunch boots where they are allowed to roam free, skip, and dance." :) See, you wrote your ad already!

I think I was cured of collecting items when I had my antiques/gift shop, which dangerously gave me permission to accumulate all kinds of things. Do you know how many teapots are out there? A lot. LOL

I try to limit myself these days but do have a thing about roosters. But when someone knows you collect something you wind up getting it as a gift. I've received some well meaning but very ugly roosters though so I've had to say I'm changing my theme. LOL

Donna Cummings

Melissa, don't be surprised when I really do use that sentence for my ad. LOL Or at least until I find out that nobody wants any of my crazy shoes!

I know what you mean about collecting things when you have a store. It almost gets that "accumulation disorder" out of your system, because you get to buy it for the store--only now you want to SELL it, so you can buy more stuff. LOL

I had to laugh when I thought about some ugly roosters making their way into your collection. LOL You'll have to keep it a secret what your next theme is. :)

Jan O'Hara

Not a shoe person, but that might be from lack of opportunity. The choices when you wear size 10.5 men's are lackluster, to say the least. :(

Re my own addictions: books, music and cookbooks. I'm fine with the first two, although I do declutter occasionally, but I think I've opened three of the last category all year.

Maybe my cookbooks should hire *you* for an appeal. :)

Donna Cummings

Jan, I hardly think books count as an addiction. LOL Those truly are necessities! And I adore cookbooks too, which is incredibly ironic, because I'm not really a fan of cooking. So thanks for reminding me that I should probably cull some of those too. :) (Which means I might not be available for YOUR cookbooks' appeal. LOL)

Boots Shoes

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Terri Osburn

Donna - Scrunch type suede boots would make my child salivate. LOL! I just bought her a pair of suede black up to the knee and she'd sleep in them if I'd let her. (Really, I had to force her to take them off.) And she's up to ladies size 10/11, so no worries about them being too big.

If the ad doesn't work, maybe find a really nice ladies consignment store around there. I'm going to try selling some of my dresses at the one by my new place. I'm sure those brand new shoes would find wonderful new homes.

Donna Cummings

Terri, I'm glad she has some new boots that she loves! They sound awesome, so it's a good thing you live a few states away--LOL--I won't be stealing down there to get them.

I like the idea of a consignment store. There must be something around here. Mmm. I'll add that to the To Do list (right after "take pics of shoes for the ad". I'm a little behind!)

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