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December 31, 2010


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I don't have all the ingredients for Hoppin' John, but it sounds yummy!

I will make sure I'm doing something fun the first day of the year. I hope shoveling snow won't be what I'll be doing ALL year. Shivering at the thought! LOL

I do have more strategies for 2011 than I normally do! All I've been doing the end of the year is plan, plan, plan. It seems as if I'm going with the tough love plan on myself this year by micro-managing, but hopefully I won't rebel if I think each task is a small one! No big umbrella statements of what I want to accomplish is my motto for this year. Baby steps all the way! :)


Well, my headcold seems to be on it's way out of my head, so with luck, tomorrow will see me writing. I'm even, sorta, almost...thinking I could wrap up the story I'm working on later today. Sleeping in until nearly noon put me a bit behind, but this is how I get better...

May 2011 see all of us reach our writing dreams! My plans include enticing my publisher into taking several of my more wild projects on... Bwah ha ha!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I don't have the ingredients either, so I may have to make it a day late. LOL But hey, procrastination is my specialty, right?

I hope you won't be shoveling the whole year either. Eeek!

And I think your strategies make a whole lot of sense with your busy school schedule. I'm finding those small tasks are a good idea. They're kind of like tapas, or appetizers, much more palatable that way!

Donna Cummings

Maureen, I'm glad to hear your headcold is on its way out. You've had too many health concerns this December. Shoo, germs! Be gone with you!

I hope 2011 brings a lot of writing dreams to fruition too. I'll keep my fingers crossed that your publisher is definitely enticed!


Well, November was all about the shingles, Dec has been the cold. I will be healthier in 2011!

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