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December 10, 2010


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A lot of my ideas come from dreams and daydreams. The old "what would I do if..." scenarios come to mind. I'm a real what if type of writer and the more bizarre and more strange the spark is, the more I want to fan it into a real bonfire.

Not all ideas grow up to be full grown books, but I find I often slip bits and pieces of these tidbits into bigger ones and I can build a lot of interesting things out of them!


It's hard for me to identify when or where ideas came to me that I've actually decided to pursue as a full fledged project. It was so long ago...oh! I wrote a fantasy short story (incomplete) that started me thinking about a whole "world." I've had at least three stories jump off from a scene in that story. But where that original short story came from I have no idea. Oh! I think I was reading some of my husband's (former husband) Dungeons and Dragons books when I'd run out of romances. LOL You've taken me down memory lane tracking down that origin! New ideas now usually come from writing prompts I think. I feel like have quite a backlist of ideas so I hardly dare explore new ones!

Terri Osburn

I get my ideas as I'm attempting fall asleep. Though, I'm not sure I get ideas as much as characters. The characters show up, introduce themselves, and then start to feed me the story premise. Like Melissa, I have long list of ideas waiting to be explored and written, so I think I've shut down my brain to submissions for a while. :)

I did, however, get a new story idea a few months ago from reading a news article online. I won't say what it was (as I don't want anyone to steal my idea! lol) but it would require a great deal of research and description, my two weakest areas. I'm still in love with the idea, so I'm determined to get it on the page one of these days.

Donna Cummings

Maureen, I agree that not all the ideas can be used where you first thought you could. I think that's why I like to write them down, and hang on to them in my brain. They can bump into each other and create an even BETTER idea that way!

I'm definitely a fan of the "What If". :)

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I'm glad I jumpstarted your trip down memory lane! I like how you got so many ideas just from one scene.

Sometimes it IS hard to remember exactly how an idea popped into my head. It feels more like it SNEAKED in there. LOL The ones I mentioned above are actually the ones I can recall, but there are plenty that just kinda appeared one day. It feels like magic, doesn't it?

Donna Cummings

Terri, I think I'm glad I don't get as many ideas when I'm falling asleep, because I'd be too lazy to get up to write them down. LOL Sometimes I try to think about my story as I'm drifting off in the hopes my brain will work on it as I'm sleeping. :)

I definitely know what you mean about not wanting to share ideas so they can stay YOUR ideas. :) It took me a while to tell anything about my stories, for that very reason. LOL

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