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February 03, 2011


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Who wouldn't be in war against a shady man in a diaper who stalks people with a bow and arrow? And congrats on the book!


Hi Jack

I've been a fly on the wall in Preacher's kitchen for ten (audio) books now, up to 'Moonlight Road', and am really looking forward to hearing the next two. Somehow the place and the people are highly addictive. I think that it may have been the way that you courted Mal in the first book that really hooked me on the series. Very impressive man!

In some ways Virgin River reminds me of a rural English village where I used to live. Its much wilder than England of course, but everyone knows everyone else, there are no secrets (for long!) and the pub is a focal point in the village.

Since starting the series I have been amazed by the number of babies born. How come such a fertile place got named 'Virgin' River? I guess it must be the 'back to nature' feel of living in the wilds that gets everyone activated.

Here in the UK we have a radio series 'The Archers' which is an 'everyday story of country folk', located in the village of Ambridge. The series has been broadcast continuously since about 1950 and is still going as strongly as ever. Just shows how stories of small closely knit communities can be extremely addictive.

I expect Virgin River to go on forever!

Nice to meet you in person Jack. Could you perhaps reveal the menu for Preacher's pie .... seeing as how there are no secrets in Virgin River? *smile*

Thanks Robyn for providing so many hours of awesome reading pleasure. *smile*

Anita Clenney

Love the interview. Jack sounds like quite a character and the book sounds like a great read.


Ah, Jack, you own a little piece of my heart. Can you tell us what's happening in Virgin River after Kelly and Lief's story?

Samantha Grace


You make your town sound very interesting. I've never visited, but I'd like to make the trip. :)

Robyn Carr

Well now, I'm afraid to leave my desk for a cup of coffee! I come back and what do I find -- my buddy Jack has decided to take matters into his own hands and communicate with the outside world! Well before he mucks it up -- let ME tell you what's coming after Harvest Moon -- a sweet and sentimental little Virgin River story titled Bring Me Home For Christmas starring Virgin River's newest young man, Denny Cutler. Watch for him...it...in November.


I love Christmas and I love Virgin River. You know I'm going to be eagerly watching for Bring Me Home for Christmas.

Donna Cummings

Robyn, welcome, and thanks for presenting the other side of the story! :) I'm a coffee addict, so there's always plenty of that around here. LOL

Sounds like Jack's going to have plenty more stories, and secrets, in his future. Which makes all of us very happy!

cease giddings

You and all your buddies are pretty special As a former Military wife
I can really relate to your Code of Honor You are a good listener
You and all your Buds seem to be able to listen with your head as well
as your heart Happy Valentines Day

What a wonderful world you've created in Virgin River One of the Best!
I only wish you could write faster Congrats for #10 on the list
and I too love Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

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