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February 14, 2011


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Kari Marie

I enjoy twitter, I'm horrible at tweeting. I'm rarely witty when I try, so I come off a little dry. I love listening to the conversation though. I'll check you out. I'm at @kariemariewhite

Donna Cummings

Kari, I think we just recently started following each other. :) When I started with Twitter last summer, I spent a lot of time watching everyone's conversations, to see how it was done. Now I can't quit talking. LOL


When I remember to log on and keep it open, I do find it fun to read what pops up. I kept it open the day Mubarik resigned and it was awe-inspiring!

I think if I could follow something with a short read, I'd likely be more in love with it. I just can't take the time to stay with the stream!

I admire those who can manage Twitter and stay involved. I'm not sure I'll ever be in love, but I think it's pretty cool!

I do think Twitter and Facebook and all the other social streams tend to run at different speeds, with different places to pause and float. Though I'm not sure Twitter ever floats!

Kris Yankee

Donna, I'm in love with Twitter as well. It's just so much fun to read what other people are tweeting about. Especially fun was watching the Grammy's last night and reading what @ThisIsRobThomas (Rob Thomas of Matchbox 20) had to say. But beyond the celebs there, it's great to be able to interact with so many different publishing industry folks. You can't get that on Facebook. And I agree, Facebook and Twitter are NOT alike. I'm @KrisYankee.

Donna Cummings

Maureen, I've noticed that Twitter does tend to slow way down around midnight or so Eastern time. Since you're a West Coast gal, that might be an easier time for you to check it out.

And I don't try to keep up every single minute of every single day. That would definitely be exhausting. LOL I leave it open and then I can see on the tab how many new tweets there are, so I can go back and skim over the ones that interest me.

Cassy Pickard

Donna: You are amazing! I do have a Twitter account, but I find that and FB to be a time suck. That you can produce as much as you do and have a great time with social networking is great. Power to you.

T.H. Browning

Like you, Donna, I love twitter. It's become somewhat of an addiction, I'll admit. Especially now that my tweets come through my smart phone! Even when I'm away from my computer, I'm still connected.

It's a great way to chat with people who share my interests. (And many of the posts are really funny.) I also love chatting with BC peeps. They keep me motivated with the hashtag #bcbabeswriting. Donna, as we know, the "writing" part can mean a few things (like editing, etc.)! LOL :)

Talk to you soon on twitter!

Donna Cummings

Kris, I peeked in a few times last night to see the tweets about the Grammys. Having the insider's view of the show--that's what I think is so fun about Twitter. It's the instant interaction, in real time. The other night Howard Stern was tweeting while watching his movie "Private Parts". I've never been his target market--LOL--but I saw a few of the tweets and it was like a director's commentary on a DVD. Funny and fascinating.

Donna Cummings

*smooches Cassy* Thank you for calling me productive! LOL Unless today is opposite day and I didn't know it? :) Yes, social media can be a giant time suck, and that's why I'm glad I have the writing motivators on there to keep me on track.

Donna Cummings

T.H., I don't have a smartphone yet, but when I do--oh boy. I didn't even think of being connected to my tweeps that way! I enjoy the chats with the BC peeps too, and anything that keeps us motivated to write is an awesome thing. (And yes, "writing" involves lots of things, like staring out the window for long stretches of time. LOL)

VR Barkowski

I enjoy Twitter, but even after a couple years, I still can't manage it and write. Using TweetDeck has helped some, but not enough. If I could be on Twitter and still have time to write, I'd enjoy it. But so far, consistent use of Twitter hasn't worked for me. It's far too distracting. I know a lot of people who tweet and I'm way too interested in what they have to say. :)

Donna Cummings

VR, I've wondered about TweetDeck and HootSuite, but then I feel like I just got the hang of New Twitter, so I don't want to mess up my brain with a new application. LOL

You are so right about being interested in what people have to say. I have to tell myself, "It's okay if you don't see every tweet." LOL It took a while, but I think I've convinced myself. Most days. :)

Anita Clenney

Donna, I enjoy Twitter. I tend to get busy and forget about it, and when I do remember, I spend too much time there. I have to be super careful or it takes my writing time. It's a great tool, and just a mind boggling achievement. It still amazes me.

Donna Cummings

Anita, it really IS a mind-boggling thing. AND it's free. LOL That's why I can't get upset when it doesn't act 100% properly sometimes. I get to have all this fun for free!


Yay for Twitter! Everything Donna said, even in the comments section! And now, I will stop using exclamation points. Thank you for the BLOG LOVE on Valentine's Day.

P.S. I'm going to follow those of you who posted your Twitter handles. Just so you know. ;)

Donna Cummings

Snarky, exclamation points are allowed to run free here, so no worries! (See what I mean? LOL)

And thanks for stopping by. I really do enjoy tweeting with you, and this particular one will keep me giggling for a long time. . .until your next masterpiece!


Twitter always puts you in the "Others like you" column. I guess they're right! It's fun, like we're a Twitter comedy team taking turns playing funny man/straight man. We're good like that. :)

Marilyn Shank

I wrote a few boring lines on Twitter one day. I didn't get it and didn't go back. You make me want to take a second look!

Donna Cummings

Snarkychicklet, we are a good team! They should put us in a "Be Like Them" column. LOL

Donna Cummings

Marilyn, I felt that way at first too. Then I started commenting on other people's tweets, and they would reply, and become a follower. And it just slowly blossomed from there. That was really the trick, though -- just joining in, like you're at a big party full of interesting conversations. :)

Jan O'Hara

I enjoy Twitter a lot, for exactly the reasons you describe. My only problem with it is that I'm not organized. I haven't put my Tweeps in enough lists, and I'm not consistent about when I go. That means - of late - when I do arrive, I don't necessarily connect with the people who are really interested in playing with me.

Darn consistency. Gets me every time. ;)

Donna Cummings

Jan, I was just thinking I hadn't seen you as much lately on Twitter. We'll have to figure out how to get your consistency to work in our favor. LOL

I think you were the first tweep to send me a tweet in fact.

I haven't done any lists, because it seems like MORE work somehow to follow people that way. Maybe you'll have to give me a tutorial one day. :)

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