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February 25, 2011


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Terri Osburn

I'm not sure I can top any of these, but it does seem odd as a list of 8. Like, it's a list of 10 with 2 things missing. So I'll go with "Buy several picture frames" so that you'll be prepared to mount all those gorgeous covers on your office wall. And "Create your awards shelf." The ultimate "If you build it, they will come" policy in action.

Donna Cummings

LOL, Terri. I didn't even think of that! Obviously math is not my strong suit, so maybe I need to add "Hire an accountant, to help with all the royalties AND blog post numbering". LOL

I definitely like the way you think though -- picture frames for the covers, an awards shelf. *nods head* Yes, that sounds perfect. Oh, and I need to get an office. (My couch doesn't count. LOL)

Pam Abbott

I love this post...It truly is your humor. AND, I can totally see you doing these to pass the time! I know how much you love to wait. I miss you! Pam

Kari Marie

This is really funny. I lurve it! I want to add one more I recently heard another blogger mention. Go to the bookstore and check out the space where your book will be shelved. Visualize it there.

I'm off to dream about Jeffrey Dean Morgan or maybe Hugh Jackman or...

Donna Cummings

Pammie! I miss you too. And you've always been so appreciative of my humor, which makes me happy, and grateful. :)

I wouldn't mind waiting so much if it didn't involve, well, WAITING. LOL

We need to have another GNO (Girls' Night Out) one of these days. Maybe we can meet halfway--say, Nebraska? :)

Donna Cummings

Kari Marie, I'm glad it gave you a chuckle! And thanks for adding the "visualize your book on the shelf" one. That is very important, not to mention FUN. :)

Have fun in dreamboat-land! I think I'm going to take a little Richard Armitage break. . .


How about imagine the financial consultant you'll need to handle all the royalties... Or did you cover that with the accountant stuff?

I do like to imagine the advertising... And my big one was considering the topics I'd cover when asked to take part in panel discussions at conventions!

Donna Cummings

Wow, I should have consulted with you guys before I wrote this. LOL Such great additions! I like the panel discussion idea--that's a good one. :)

I think a financial consultant could be separate from the accountant. I think the consultant helps you decide where to put your money, while the accountant does taxes and things like that. Hopefully there's enough money to hire both of them. LOL


I already know who I'd hire when I win the lottery... ;-) So, I'm ready for that!

Donna Cummings

You have a different one for the lottery win? That's a good idea. You don't want your employees to get bogged down with all that work!

Terri Osburn

I've actually done the "go to the bookstore and picture your book on the shelf" thing. Turns out, not a lot of authors with names starting with "O".

Donna Cummings

Terri, that's true! You can have the "O" to yourself.

I have investigated who would be my "bookshelf roommates" in the bookstore. LOL I would be in the midst of great company. :)

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