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February 28, 2011


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Change...love it or hate it, it is inevitable! Interesting idea to take charge of it for a change... HA!

I've actually been doing that a bit. Staying at home and working on projects instead of fleeing with the dog and parking my ass at Starbucks. But I could use a day like I once knew, of just doing what I used to do!

That would be a change...

Donna Cummings

Maureen, that's the good thing about change -- you can CHANGE it. LOL It's like a change merry-go-round.

So since you've been working so hard on those projects, you deserve to change things up a bit. Hang out at Starbucks today. :) I'll be there with you in spirit.

VR Barkowski

Great post, Donna. I am a strong advocate of change - even though it's as painful for me as for the next writer. Without change, all we have is stasis, and that's something none of us strive for, at least in our writing.

You caught me out. I usually start my day with social networking and end it with writing. Hmm, perhaps my priorities *are* skewed.

Donna Cummings

VR, I start my day out that way too. I tell myself, "I'll just check Twitter and a few blogs while having my coffee" and then lose track of how much time has gone by. Fortunately, I'm a nightowl, so I like writing at nighttime. LOL But I also like getting it done in the morning--it FEELS more productive that way. :)

Terri Osburn

I'm one of those weird people who is happy with routine but loves change. Don't ask me, I've no idea how these two things can happen in unison, but they do.

And I must thank you. I'm in the discovery/plotting phase of the next book and somehow reading this blog gave me an excellent idea. Excellent, I say!

So thanks. :)

Donna Cummings

Terri, how exciting that my post inspired an excellent idea. Yay! And you're welcome.

And I'm a weird person about change too. I resist it, mightily, but I like change because I don't want to miss out on something good. LOL

Terri Osburn

Donna - I've never lived in one home longer than three years since I was 18. I'll be 40 this year. Technically, this has not been on purpose everytime, but I get antsy if nothing changes for too long.

At the same time, I like my days to have a set routine. I do the same thing in the same order when I get up in the morning, and the exact same thing in the same order before I go to bed.

This idea is going to add LOADS of stress to my heroine, but if she didn't want me to use it against her, she shouldn't have let me know in the first place. LOL!

Donna Cummings

Terri, I hate to move, but I get antsy in one place too. LOL Maybe we just have lots of layers to our personality, like our characters do. :)

That'll teach your heroine to speak up next time. LOL

Kari Marie

I hate changes that are initiated outside of myself but, when I want to change something...look out. Makes me a tad bit annoying at times. I guess I'm a control freak.

Switching to morning writing sessions (before work) was a huge change and it's made an impact in my progress (mentally and physically). My WIP is almost done and it reminds me of my goal every morning - to be a better writer. Often I'm invigorated by a cool scene I just wrote and the rest of the day is better. Single greatest change I made last year. Hands down.

Donna Cummings

Kari Marie, that's awesome about your switch to morning writing sessions. I like that it makes the rest of your day better too. I think I'm going to try the mornings again -- I'm such a nightowl that I've gotten used to writing at night. But this is a change that I know will have good results for me too. :)

Liz Fichera

Whenever I get too comfortable with something, then it's usually time for a change, especially when it comes to writing. I always start small, though.

Donna Cummings

Liz, you're right. When we get too comfortable, things can get confining. And it IS a great idea to start with something small, so we don't overwhelm (and sabotage!) ourselves.

E.C. Smith

Ooh, I love the 'get to' part. Love that idea....writing is a treat, after all. And the idea of change? Yup, I like that too. I'm not a big fan of the SAME all the time. So, changing it up has me getting fired up. Great reminder, Donna!

Donna Cummings

E.C., I like to remind myself that it's a "get to" instead of another chore. And I think changing things can definitely fire us up. In fact, I'm raring to go now!

Clarissa Southwick

Great blog, Donna. As for my attempts to change, I've been getting up at 4am to write. It's the best writing time of the day, but it makes me hungry. :)

Donna Cummings

Yikes, Clarissa! I'm more likely to stay UP til 4 a.m. than to get going at that time. LOL I do like the quiet, though, so it is a great time to write. :) It feels like you have the whole world to yourself.

Jan O'Hara

My lifelong quest, it seems, it to become more adaptable. Writing has taught me a lot about that, but let's just say I have a ways to go.

*click* To change!

Donna Cummings

Jan, I have been working on adaptability these past few years too. At first it seemed that flexibility was enough, but being able to adapt as things change -- that's a priceless skill to have. :)

Here's to constant change!

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