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April 15, 2011


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Kari Marie

You know I'm usually willing to suspend belief for both fiction and TV/Movies. However, I appreciate a well researched topic because I get to learn something new. The deal breaker is when it goes a little too far over the top. I read a book last year where the MC jumps out of helicopter (very very very high up). As he is hurtling out of the helicopter, he remembers to spread his body as wide as possible (to slow him down) and lands in the river and lives. Now, there might be science to back this up, but I didn't believe it. I felt like it went to far.

Donna Cummings

Kari Marie, I'm pretty willing to suspend belief, especially if the tone of the movie is such that you KNOW certain things can't happen, and they know that you know, but it's fun to go along with it. The Transporter is one of my fave movies but some of those fight scenes are farfetched, which is what I love about it. LOL

I like to learn new things from reading, too, and it often spurs me to go do my own research on a topic.

Liz Fichera

I'm willing to forgive and soldier on but, if it happens more than once or twice, I might give up. Depends. I'm more likely to stop reading a book if I'm annoyed by the characters or a slow-moving plot, more so than any inaccuracies.

Donna Cummings

Liz, I agree -- I'm more likely to give up if the plot drags or I've lost interest in what happens to the characters. If I care about them, I'll forgive a lot. :)


I can forgive most anything if the story is well written. I can't forgive...let me see how to put his... Author betrayal. If an author is tired of a series, end it with love, not with a nasty twist that eviscerates the readers who fell in love with the series.

Yup. I nearly threw my e-reader at a wall.

Donna Cummings

Maureen, yes, that is a terrible offense. I'm glad your e-reader didn't have to suffer though! It has lived to see another day (and book!)


I wanted to scrub it's screen with bleach...


I, too, am fairly forgiving if the story grabs me. One book that I recently finished, I actually had to stop myself from grabbing a red pen, correctly ALL of the grammar mistakes (too numerous to count) and send the book back to the author. I didn't, though. But as others mentioned, if the story doesn't grab me or the characters aren't worthy of my sentiment, then the book gets 'gently' placed on the table.
Truth be told, I have only thrown books where the endings (excuse the vernacular) suck and I felt like all of the time I invested in the book was for nothing. One I actually threw away, it was so vulgar!

Donna Cummings

Lena, since I started writing, I'm more indulgent with books in one way, since I know the effort it takes to write them. :) But I'm also less likely to finish something that doesn't grab me, because my reading time is so limited now, and there are tons of books waiting for my attention! The ones I don't finish I usually donate to the library--maybe somebody else will love them. :)

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