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April 04, 2011


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We writers really are at the top of the 'get in your own way' club...

Just as we are wondrous at the 'what is the worst thing that can happen' club...

An imagination is a terrible burden some days!

I just wish I could slow down enough to let the muse play!

Kari Marie

I carry a notebook for this occasion. Of course all my ideas want page time while I'm at work!

Donna Cummings

Maureen, my muse is capricious, so when she wants to play, I'm usually trying to do something else. This post came about because I was working on a different one, but then the words for this one started coming. I opened another Word doc and started typing! LOL

Donna Cummings

Kari Marie, I do the same thing. I went for a nice little drive yesterday to enjoy the sunshine and made sure I had keys, cell phone, AND a notebook. LOL I didn't end up using it, but I was ready just in case. :)

Terri Osburn

I'm happy to report I now carry a notebook in my purse at all times. It's come in handy twice already. I've no idea when my writing time is, as it seems to be late at night. Since I have a day job, that's a real problem. There are times I get in a groove and follow an evening schedule, but I'm out of groove right now.

If anyone sees my groove, please send it back. I'm desperate. LOL!

Donna Cummings

Terri, the notebook is essential I think. I was getting tired of scribbling on old receipts in my purse and not being able to read them afterwards. LOL

I'm wondering if my groove ran off with yours today. LOL It's dark and pouring down rain--I even heard thunder--so it should be good for writing. My muse seems to be moving to a nighttime schedule again though. Better go get my notebook ready!

Liz Fichera

"get the ugly out." LOVE that!

Donna Cummings

Liz, it's my own special way of describing that "sh*tty first draft". LOL

Jan O'Hara

I've learned the same thing, Donna - to write whatever's pressing on me as long as I can, and when it's not, to try to work on my WIP regardless.

Donna Cummings

Jan, that's exactly it, getting the words out of the brain so it doesn't explode. LOL Since the brain is such a multi-tasker, it makes sense that it has a zillion projects in mind. :)

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