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May 06, 2011


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Maureen O. Betita

Well, my normal excursions consists of walking the dog and I do observe how people are with their dogs...and how the dogs are with what interests them...

Other than that, I am the most unobservant writers out there. Two weeks ago, the bank next to my Starbucks was robbed... They fired a shot into the back... They sped away in a car. First I knew of it was when the parking lot filled up with cop cars and the other coffee drinkers were all stading at the windows gaping out...

I was sitting at a window. The window closest to the bank.

Maureen O. Betita

Uh, make that standing at the windows gaping out...


Donna Cummings

Maureen, I'm laughing AND I'm glad you're safe.

Once when I worked at the mall, I found out the next day it had been robbed, and I didn't know anything about it when it was happening. It's a big mall and I was on the first floor, and it happened on the second floor. Apparently the robber had on a multicolored clown wig, so I'm hoping I would have noticed that if he'd been in MY area. LOL


This is a great post and so true. It's really important to notice and catalog these things for future use, or at the very least, just to soften my old standbys that I tend to use for descriptors in first drafts. Love the observations you made at the coffee house - LOL!

Maureen O. Betita

Donna - I'd obviously be a very bad witness... When I'm writing that is it, the universe ends at the end of my fingertips and I just don't notice much else!

And I often daydream plotpoints when I'm not actually writing them, so I'd probably be useless no matter what the situation.

Donna Cummings

Jenn, I love to see what people do when I'm sitting at Starbucks. And I'm usually just staring out the window, brainstorming, but that's when they walk in (and I try to act like I wasn't staring at THEM, cuz I'm not! LOL) It's amazing the stuff that shows up in my brain later, as a result.

Donna Cummings

Maureen, you could testify what you were writing when the crime occurred. LOL "The kraken had just reached his tentacle toward the ship. . ."

Maureen O. Betita

Yeah, I've always wanted to visit the mental hospital!

Kari Marie

I love going to the Mall of America or the State Fair and sitting on a bench and watch the drama unfold. So entertaining!

Donna Cummings

Kari Marie, I've never been to the Mall of America -- I think my head might explode! LOL But it is fun to see how people interact, especially when they don't think you're paying attention. :)

Clarissa Southwick

Great advice. Hilarious descriptions. I love visiting this blog :)

Donna Cummings

Clarissa, I love when you visit! I'm glad you enjoy my descriptions. :)

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