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June 10, 2011


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As you've pointed out, there certainly are a lot of digital ways to backup, but actually doing it, even with reminders, is always the hard part! For some reason, I'm called to action when the power actually goes out - - which happens quite regularly. Even though I've got battery back-up, there's that moment of panic that has me bargaining for "one more chance" to backup to my external hard drive -- as soon as I have power. Or, as happened once when my computer died, my CP saved me by being the only one with emailed copies of my manuscript. Then, my loss turned out to be a false alarm when my hard drive was able to be saved. Nothing, it seems, is ever really lost. We just have more anxiety trying to find it again. LOL Hard copies are still more comforting.

Donna Cummings

Melissa, isn't it funny how it seems like "too much work" to do a backup? But as you said, if anything happens, we're praying and making promises that we'll do better next time. LOL I'm glad that Word has done an auto backup for me on the rare times it has gone belly-up.

Hard copies are comforting, but they take up so much space. Maybe they'll invent some kind of chip we can carry around in our fingernails some day. LOL

Kari Marie

Hard copies are more comforting, but if an EMP hit, I would have MUCH bigger problems than losing my work. Think of the banking system! To date, I have at least one copy of my writing work and a printed copy of everything in my design portfolio. I guess, if I keep that up I'll be set.

Donna Cummings

Kari Marie, you're right about it causing bigger problems than losing my manuscripts. LOL I think it was used in a TV episode to take out a car's computer, so clearly it can create all kinds of havoc. I've just got to quit worrying about stuff!

E.C. Smith

Okay, I have to confess. . .I'm a little neurotic about this. Now? Oh, boy, I'm heading for a hit of chocolate and a defibrillator. LOL.

I back-up constantly. On my flash drive. On my external hardrive. With emails (with passwords on the file. . .because, hey. Didn't I say I'm neurotic about this! :-D ). I also print out a copy (I use it in the revision process), but that's only when the book is completed.

Donna Cummings

E.C., I'm glad I'm not the only neurotic one. LOL So keep that defibrillator handy!

I hadn't thought about the passwords on the file too. Mmm. LOL Thanks for all the great ideas. You can never worry too much, right? :)

julie gardner

I do like to print out hard copies...

But mostly because I'm so old fashioned, I'm practically a cave woman.

I like to read/revise on paper, not the computer screen.


It does take a lot of ink. And my wine budget is kind of low these days.

Maybe I need to worry less and just back-up more...

Michelle Helliwell

I back up to my gmail account...I figure if there is a fire or a flood the last thing I'm going to do is search around for a memory stick. Having it in the cloud means I have access to it anywhere. Of course that isn't fool proof. I also back mine up on a thumb drive occasionally, but that's it. I don't print off a hard copy - it would burn in the fire with my computer:) - and I think if there is an EMP storm, as another commenter suggested, a lost manuscript would be the least of our problems:)

Donna Cummings

Julie, I was just at YOUR blog, reading about the waxing situation. Yes, I am still giggling. Your blog posts do that to me. And I'm still debating whether to comment about. . .well, it would be a good idea to increase the wine budget to include face-to-face chats. :)

I actually don't like to print out hard copies, but it has more to do with the crankiness of my printer. It's not that old -- well, maybe in "printer years" it's 70. Who knows? But it takes forever to get 10 pages done, as if it's engraving the words. An EMP could hit in that time!

Donna Cummings

Michelle, I was out of town for a few days recently and I nearly made myself insane thinking about all my backups being in a fire or flood with my laptop, and wondering should I bring a disk with me, etc. LOL And you're right about the hard copy being burnt up too!

I shouldn't let worrying get the best of me like this! LOL

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