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July 08, 2011


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I try to set the mood when I sit down for a long writing session on the weekends.

I have two writing spaces - one is on the patio outside. It has bird feeders, a water fountain and shade. I bring out a pitcher of iced tea and some fruit snacks. There's usually a breeze and it's less stressful just being in that environment.

When I'm inside, I make sure to light a scented candle on my writing desk, play music to go with my WIP and open the drapes to let in lots of light. I also keep more iced tea or coffee with me. The music usually relaxes me and the candle serves as something to stare at when I'm in need of inspiration. Very peaceful. :)

Donna Cummings

Sabrina, I haven't really thought about setting the "writing mood", but this is a really great idea. (Actually, it sounds like a good idea for me to come over to YOUR house. LOL You've got everything I need!)

I have a very peaceful place to write at home, with lots of trees to look at, and plenty of animals scurrying around entertaining me. It really does help the wellbeing aspect.

julie gardner

Why is it that you always seem to write exactly what I'm thinking? Or living? Or avoiding (cough).

For me, the biggest distraction from my writing right now is (drum roll, please)


How's that for an insurmountably large obstacle to plunk in front of me.

I'm allowing it to happen. But my kids can't drive but never want to be home.
I'm a constant chauffeur and sometimes willing participant to their antics (which are never at the same place at the same time with the same people).

We are having so much fun but I have barely visited blogs, let alone written my own posts, and the novel?

What novel?

I'm trying to keep it in perspective. They won't be young for long. But still. I'm getting antsy.

And yet letting myself off the hook...
(not sure that's a good thing. pretty sure it's not.)

I need my quiet house back. Is it September yet?

Donna Cummings

Julie, I guess you didn't notice that little "braincam" I had installed in your head, to help me with these blog posts. LOL

And enjoy yourself, with your kids. That's what summer is for! I'm convinced your brain is in stealth mode, working on your writing while you're doing things with your kids. Then when it's quiet time again (aka September), the words will flow like vodka at happy hour. :)

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