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July 04, 2011


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Maureen O. Betita

Totally agree...one must tell a good story. No matter what else one does, or how one writes...the story is the main course.

Donna Cummings

Yes, story is king. :) But not just TELL a good story--make it irresistible, unputdownable, breathtakingly awesome. Easy enough, right? LOL


I love those totally engaged reading experiences and I'm always trying to figure out how the writer does it -- after I regretfully close that last page! I've been on quite a reading binge this summer and it's been hit or miss. With one book, I had to cut short a visit with my mom to get back to my engaging book. In the last book I read I felt engaged in the story for the most part -- the romance part between the main characters -- but for the rest, which had more secondary characters than I could count (a whole town full), I merely scanned the pages. I probably missed a lot of "pretty" language in the skipped over part.

But even though I didn't find non-stop enjoyment, it was "good enough," which doesn't sound exciting but I find this kind of perversely encouraging from a writer's perspective. It's less intimidating. LOL It's like we can aspire for and reach great heights, but if we slip into a not-so-engaging-part by someone else's standard it's not going to be a bad book, as in stop reading. I always feel like my secondary story is engaging to ME, but I suspect this is the risky area for disengaging readers.

Very interesting topic! Happy 4th!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I think those totally engaged reading experiences don't happen as often anymore, so I really do appreciate them when I get one! And I know exactly what you mean about "good enough" being encouraging to us writers. :) You explained it perfectly.

And it's funny, I just did a post for H&H where I described some secondary characters that I love, and I think they stole the show. LOL I wonder if it was meant to be that way, or if it wasn't something that could be changed. I really like them, so I'm glad it's that way -- but I read faster thru the parts with the primary hero/heroine so I could get to the ones I liked. LOL


oh I love getting lost in a story. Nora does that for me.....i'm in her setting, i'm with her characters, i laugh and i cry. that's a damn good book that does that. =)

engage me scotty!

(oh wait, is that beam me up?)


Donna Cummings

LOL, Carrie -- if you've been so engaged that you've been beamed into another world, that's a good thing!

Kari Marie

Getting lost in a story is quite simply one of my most favorite things. Whether in book or movie or theatrical form, it's intoxicating. I actually get giddy from happiness after reading something wonderful. Then the inevitable I will never be able to do that sets in and I feel the need to dissect every word to see how the author did it.

Donna Cummings

I love getting lost like that, Kari Marie, and I do get envious of the writer's talent and ability. LOL But I like to see HOW they made me get lost in the story, and I research it, just as you said--once I've got my head out of the clouds. :)

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