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August 08, 2011


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Well, I'm not published yet but I have written novel length pieces and I tend to come up with a title half way through. However, one time I was actually working on another book idea when my roommate was watching TV and I overheard the preview for a movie coming up and well - I jumped off my bed and ran for the TV because in a split second an entire story plot filled with amazing characters filled my mind and I had to see if that was what the movie was going to be about. Luckily it wasn't, and now I have free realm to write the book that I wanted to so badly to see.

As for what was stated about titles being misleading, I also agree with that. It irks me when I finish a book and wonder how in the world the author came up with such an unrelated titled. In fact, it takes away from the entire reading experience, because instead of basking in the afterglow of reading, my mind is bugging about what the title meant or if there was some element of the story that I completely missed - it makes me feel as if I didn't really enjoy the novel as much as I thought I did, because evidently I didn't completely get it.

Also, I just love books that incorporate the title somewhere in the story, because it makes me feel even more involved with the characters since the title of the book is significant in my world as well as theirs!

Donna Cummings

Britt, I love how the movie preview gave you such a great idea for a new book! It always fascinates me how the creative brain works. :)

As for misleading titles, I know it's not always the author's fault. I know several author friends who have had their titles changed by the publisher, sometimes because it's felt the title doesn't convey the story as well, or because certain words are more marketable, so it's meant to appeal to the reader more. But yours is a good example of how it doesn't always work that way. :(

Right now I'm reading Lori Foster's "Men of Honor" series and I like how the hero's name has been included in the titles. The first was "When You Dare", and I'm reading "Trace of Fever" now. You're right -- it makes it more significant for the characters AND the reader.

Kari Marie

Titles elude me most of the time. I have one instance where I came up with a title before writing the book. The rest of my work sits nameless for now. I do HATE it when a title is misleading though. ugh.

Donna Cummings

Kari Marie, I'm actually having a harder time lately trying to come up with BLOG titles. LOL I want them to be eye-catching, but also give an idea of the topic. It's tough!

Susan Kaye Quinn

I struggle with titles - either they come to me like a bolt from the blue, or I agonize endlessly over them. Usually only the ones that come like a bolt are any good! LOL

Thanks for stopping by my blog and supporting Kris! Best of luck to you in your future writing endeavors!

Donna Cummings

Susan, I know exactly what you're saying about the "bolt-from-the-blue" titles being the best ones. Our brains are contary creatures, that's for sure. :)

And thanks for stopping by here, and for your kind words. I wish you the best too!


Just for the record, I love the titles to your articles - very catchy!

Donna Cummings

Britt, thanks, I'm glad to hear that. :) Some days they can be just as elusive as book titles LOL

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