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August 26, 2011


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I one-hundred percent agree with this post. Afterall, a lot of writers live in constant fear - but I rather write something and have people dislike it, then not write something and always live in a perpetual state of thinkng I'm safe from critiscm (which is a foreign concept to any writer, because like you said: there will always be someone who doesn't agree with you).

Donna Cummings

Britt, we writers can tie ourselves in knots because of fear. It doesn't help that our active imaginations take us a lot of different directions too! I have to remind myself that my story deserves to be told, and there's a reason *I'm* the one telling it, not somebody else. And some days I actually listen to myself. :)

julie gardner

I needed to read this right now, Donna.

After taking an entire summer off of writing (I decided to play with the kids and rest my brain) I went back and read what I'd worked on all last school year.

And thought a lot of it was crap.

It was devastating.

I thought the 10-week gap would give me fresh eyes to appreciate my words and instead I saw so much I needed to cut out, redirect, shift.

I know what I did last year is not a waste. Any writing is practice and a lot of the character work will be valuable no matter what form the current MS takes.

But it was a blow. And I am my own worst critic.
So today I'm ready to dust off the layer of disappointment and apathy and continue on.

I'll take what I can use and save the rest and move forward.


Donna Cummings

Julie, I suspect you are being tougher on yourself than is warranted. I think it's good that you took the summer off to be with your kids, and to recharge your brain. It just means your writing muscles have gone a little slack and they need to get back into the routine. (Ask me how I know this. LOL)

And I think you did get "fresh eyes" from the break. It sounds like you've got some ideas on what to change, and do differently. So that's a good thing. Don't be disheartened or discouraged. You were laying the groundwork for what you will do this year. :)

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