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August 31, 2011


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Pam Abbott

So glad to hear you are ok. Kind of makes our windstorms look whimpy! Miss you!

Donna Cummings

Pammie, so good to hear from you! I miss you too. :)

The storm was pretty scary, I have to admit, since I have a lot of big trees around me, and I worried about them holding out against the winds. And I felt like a pioneer going without electricity and internet for two days. LOL But right now everything is back to normal, so I'm happy. :)

julie gardner

Glad to hear you're okay and have power back.
Did you feel a little lost without your internet?

I imagine it's impossible to separate that specific feeling, considering you also lost the rest of your power, too.

Either way, welcome back; stay safe and hopefully inspired...


Donna Cummings

Julie, I did feel lost without my internet. I use it for EVERYTHING. I wanted to check the storm updates on weather.com, but I couldn't. I wanted to check the address for something. Couldn't. I started twitching because I couldn't tweet. But luckily I could check my email at work. :)

It was really weird being without electricity for that many days, though. I'd never gone through that long of a spell before. I have learned a new level of gratitude as a result!

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