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October 03, 2011


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Another thought-provoking blog, Donna! I love the different ways a character can respond to conflict. I think my characters, especially the heroines, tend to avoid conflict with some sort of people pleasing and distraction. Their normal philosophy is that there are tons of ways to distract someone in a fight until they don't remember what the argument is about. LOL

Eventually, all that avoidance explodes in a "when push came to shove" moment, with the fuse being lit by one seemingly insignificant thing. Or they just drank a bit too much -- which they weren't use to of course! :) Or they took too much cold medicine? Whatever took away the inhibitions, watch out. LOL

Those letting go kind of scenes are great fun to write and every story seems to have that moment when the true character just sort of bursts out. But then there's the challenge of a morning after kind of thing to deal with when a character wants to go back to their old ways. I've often had to think about how logical it is to continue with a heat of the moment change, it that makes sense. But most likely, the fight has has moved the relationship forward, whether the character likes it or not! :)

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I can definitely relate to the conflict avoidance via people pleasing and distraction. LOL

And you are so right about the fight moving the relationship forward -- it really does change things when characters fight, whether or not they want it to. Even if they think they're just clearing the air, it's more than that. They see each other differently. They recognize what the other character needs or wants, and that can be very enlightening.

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