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October 31, 2011


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I believe that the secret of happiness is to achieve fulfillment of your potential and for a creative writer that means writing the best book that you possibly can.

The way to fulfilment is always difficult, pathed as it is with seductive distractions, and the psychological barriers of self-doubt. But with talent drive and determination (TDD), together with mutual friendship and encouragement from like-minded writers, little is beyond reach.

Donna, I have seen your T and also glimpsed your DD so can confidently say 'Go forth and conquer!' *smile*

Donna Cummings

Quantum, your comments always make me smile! They're a bit risque, but filled with so much wisdom. :)

Some days the self-doubt can derail a writer, make the drive and determination evaporate, as if they never existed. But encouragement is wonderful for bringing it back. And you've always been very encouraging. I thank you for that.

Now I'm ready to conquer my word count for today!


My comments are risqué????
Heck! I think I must have put my foot in it again ... Sorry!

So T and DD have meaning other than my definitions. Veiled risqué meanings that I'm not supposed to know about?

Donna I am an innocent. Purer and whiter than new fallen snow.
I think beautiful thoughts and dream beautiful dreams.
I am a romance writer in waiting.

Waiting until the world is ready to appreciate me. LOL

I hope you achieve that word count!

Donna Cummings

Q, no apologies needed! Except from me. LOL You have a romantic soul and I love the way your words express that. :) We can wait together for the world to appreciate us, how's that?

I did get some word count in, and I'm hoping for more today. But, since today is also my birthday, it may be trickier, since I may indulge my laziness (more than usual! LOL)


Donna, with you for company the wait will be worth it!

Many Happy Returns
May your God smile on you today. :)

Donna Cummings

Thanks, Q. It's been a lovely day today, so I feel like I'm being smiled upon. :)

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