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October 24, 2011


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I do what you do -- take as many notes as I have to shut the Siren up, then go back to the Misbehaving WIP. Begrudgingly. While trying to remember what it ever did that was so lovable as to inspire my devotion, anyway.

Donna Cummings

Ruthie, good point! Reminding myself what made this WIP tempt me in the first place -- that's a great way to make me fall in love again. :)


Yes, I take notes too and have an "ideas" folder on the computer. There's definitely a lifetime supply (for a dozen lives) of ideas in there. LOL

It was very important to me to finish a manuscript, which I did, and I thought this getting to "The End" would change my work habits forever. But then, that finished manuscript went back into revision, so that caused some "did I really finish?" doubts. Do I work on it some more? Was it my practice novel? Obviously, my attention is still not undivided. LOL

Currently, I'm working for the finish on the 2nd novel. The plan is to revise and send out those two. Then, I'll have a clean conscience to move on. I hope. LOL


I believe some authors regard their WIP as a baby about to be born. Sure their are birth pains but a HEA makes it all worthwhile.

Donna, somehow I sense that the WIP is closer to a lover in your case. The talk of siren attractions and the temptations on the side which must be resisted, unless to make the lover jealous.

But then you say you and the WIP are in it "for better or for worse" . If you had added 'for richer or for poorer in sickness and in health' then I would have known that the WIP is a marriage partner.

Wise to hedge your bets though. A WORD document with notes about the siren distractions seems pertinent..... As long as the WIP doesn't see it! LOL

My own WIP is stuck and I am easily seduced by the lure of short story ideas. More like one night stands. Perhaps I'm more of a rogue than you.*grin*

I love these insights into the thoughts of a working novelist! *smile*

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I actually keep a separate document for each idea, and then it gets to where I have to have a separate FOLDER because I start NEW documents. LOL It gets a little wild, but I'm glad to have all these ideas kinda in one place.

I suspect we'll never quite think of our stories as "finished" finished. LOL But it's good to move on, so we can learn and grow with a new story, and then if we choose to revisit the old one, we'll see it with fresh eyes.

I'll cheer you on to finish this 2nd book. Woo hoo! *waves pom poms* You're doing great -- and you're going to school on top of all this!

Donna Cummings

Q, I'm not sure I view my manuscript as a lover. LOL Maybe an old boyfriend -- one that I think of fondly now that we're apart, and then as soon as we get together, I start to grit my teeth, reminding myself of WHY we couldn't get along. LOL

And I hadn't thought about keeping the WIP and the notes about the new story separate! Good point. I don't want those notes to disappear because the WIP flew into a jealous rage!

Sorry to hear that your WIP is stuck. But maybe those one-night-stands (you rake, you!) will invigorate you and the WIP. :)


You found me out. You know my addiction. *LOL* Lately I just try to keep it to the "notes" variety rather than just abandoning one manuscript to start another "romance", but yes, my eye is always roving.


My WIP and I, we have a deal. It gets all my morning time, and a couple of hours in the afternoon. But over coffee after lunch, and at night, watching TV, I cuddle with the "new" book. Works for all of us, and no one gets to be jealous.


hahaha. i am totally going to cheat on my WIP a little bit today. just some notes, maybe a chapter or two...:p

Donna Cummings

Hellion, maybe it's not an addiction. It's keeping all these great ideas happy and satisfied. Yeah. I like that. :) Can we help it if our brain is a fertile breeding ground for new ideas? LOL

Donna Cummings

Mariam, I think that is an awesome solution! What WIP could complain about that? :) I think it would spur on some healthy competition, too, making each WIP want to be the first in your affections. So it's a win for everyone!

Donna Cummings

JennW, that's how it starts. LOL "I'm not really cheating. . ." First it's notes, then you're moving in with the WIP. LOL

Marguerite Labbe

I like Mariam's idea. Right now I'm struggling with the current WIP that was the temptress when I was working on my last WIP. I tend to work on at least two WIPS concurrently. It's the third that tries to lure me away. Two different ones hit me today. One on the 2 hour drive to work, the other on the same commute home.


Nina Nakayama

I love this post! Makes me feel better about cheating on my WIP all the time. Like you, I jot down notes and keep throwing things in the separate folder (I have the kid who yells 'mommy' all day long in my ear in real life...don't need it in my head too *grin*). Hmmm, wonder what it says about me that the manuscript I recently finished started off as the secret mister on the side that replaced my WIP at the time... *blushing* (;

Donna Cummings

Marguerite, I like the idea of dividing my time and attention between two different stories. I think it helps keep things fresh (in a good way!). But now you've got a third one stirring up trouble. LOL And I thought my 45-minute-each-way commute was long. You have all my sympathies now!

Donna Cummings

Nina, I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I'm thinking maybe if enough of us "cheat" on our WIPs, it's not cheating? It's pre-planning? LOL

I love that your finished manuscript started out as the WIP on the side. Its story love was so strong, it couldn't wait its turn!

Kari Marie

I had a one night stand with a Shiny New Idea, but ended up patching things up with the current WIP the next day.

Turns out I'm a one WIP at a time girl. :)

Donna Cummings

Kari Marie, you made me laugh out loud with that. I'm glad to hear you and the WIP are back together. LOL

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