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November 11, 2011


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Donna, what a fabulous gift.
Actually I think this tendency to see stories in pictures reveals the child within!

I have been struggling for almost a year now, in spare time, trying to teach reading to a child with learning difficulties. The book we are using has stories together with pictures which interpret the stories. We fight our way through the stories using phonics, but as soon as we get to the pictures the child comes alive and tells me all about what is happening and which bits are funny. I'm the teacher for the words then she becomes the teacher for the pictures!

Some people definitely are good at visualising and the associated intuitive interpretations, thinking particularly of applied mathematics here. Others are better at analysing with logic, though most have skills in both camps. If you were a scientist I reckon that a large chunk of you might well fit into the former category.

My thought for the day! *smile*

Donna Cummings

Q, I love how you and your student are teaching each other. :) Is it getting any easier for the child with the reading? I was thinking the other day about people who don't like to read, and maybe it was because they couldn't visualize the words, or something similar.

And you're right about me being in the "intuitive interpretations" category. LOL It made law school a little tougher for me, because LOGIC is king there. It's not that I don't have logic, or can't be logical -- it's just that I get there via a different path. :) Kinda like being a pantser vs. a plotter.

Thanks for your thoughts of the day. I always really enjoy them. :)


I love this post. :) I get that awestruck feeling too when ideas come from some mysterious place, and I'm smiling at the idea we're CHOSEN by a story matchmaker as the best storyteller. How cool would that be? Talk about a confidence booster! I can just imagine a "story matchmaker" letting a writer know they'd made a match. Better yet, is to hear that the characters chose us first as the one they want. :) What a great way to look at the uniqueness of our stories.

Donna Cummings

Melissa, it IS a confidence booster to have a story matchmaker know that we'd be the best writer for a particular story. And I really love the idea that the characters choose US--it will make me a little more compassionate (maybe!) when the hero and heroine refuse to cooperate. LOL

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