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November 18, 2011


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Maureen O. Betita

Or you can throw them overboard and let the kraken eat them...

Donna Cummings

True! Sometimes ignoring isn't quite enough. LOL


It's curious, I read a lot about that annoying IC, but he doesn't bother me at all.
I might be a bit fearful of peer review, but am blissfully ignorant of my IC's opinion.

Perhaps this is a gender thing. Janga in her latest blog discusses empathy, expecting that women have more sensitive mirror neurons than men and so are more empathetic to the characters of romance fiction.

Though I wonder if visualization is involved. If you can visualize your IC criticizing you, then he will be much more powerful, and set your mirror neurons firing. I regard my IC as an abstract non-entity which cannot be easily visualized. A bit like an infinite dimensional Hilbert space. If I can't visualize him then I can't empathize and get my mirror neurons agitated.

So Donna, you simply have to stop visualizing the blighter and his power will dissipate.
Easy as that.

You could also feed him to the Kraken, like Chance suggests *LOL*

Donna Cummings

That's interesting, Q, about the empathy, and visualization. They are things that make it possible to write fiction, but they're the same things that give the IC such power. Mmm. I guess I'll have to quit giving him any of my visualization time now! That's an easy solution (with Kraken-feeding being a good Plan B. LOL)

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