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November 07, 2011


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Personal experience of passing time is really interesting!

I played a lot of sport in my youth and can remember many situations when time seemed to freeze. For example, once in a soccer game I had the ball at my feet within striking distance of goal but was blocked by several defenders. I couldn't see what to do for the best, but then everything seemed to slow down. I glimpsed the goal between the defenders and just kicked the ball towards it. Everyone seemed to freeze as the ball curled high into the air, looped a little and ended in the top corner of the net for a goal. At that point the clock seemed to start again.

I think this happens at moments of intense concentration and is a property of our mental space-time continuum. Rather like in physics when elementary particles approach the speed of light their clocks slow right down. When our thought processes become highly focussed on something, awareness of motion and movement around us ceases so that we lose the sense of time flowing.

Fascinating thoughts Donna! *smile*

Donna Cummings

Q, I loved the description of your soccer goal! I think you're right about time freezing like that when we're intensely concentrating on something. I had a similar experience when I was driving one dark morning and a horse appeared out of nowhere, strolling across the road. Somehow time slowed down so that I could miraculously steer around the beast. LOL I'm still in awe of how it happened!

I love losing that sense of time when I'm writing. That hopefully means it will happen for the reader too -- which is always my goal!

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