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December 05, 2011


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The mysteries associated with living creatures is a constant source of fascination for me. Like the monarch butterfly that Melissa mentioned before.

The intelligent mind transcends everything though, and presents one of the greatest challenges to scientific understanding. The process by which stories develop in the subconscious and slowly creep into the conscious mind, or the nature of creativity in general is an area that I dream of understanding.

How can that jelly-like lump of grey matter we call brain generate such beautiful stories and ideas?

I would love to step a few hundred years into the future to see if we understand it better then!

In the meantime I'm just extremely grateful that the process exists and that superb artists and writers can exploit it for my entertainment!

Fascinating blog Donna. *smile*

Donna Cummings

Q, I would love to zip into the future to see what mysteries are solved. And creativity is one of the biggest ones there is! Maybe I don't want to know how it's done, though. I'm so contrary sometimes. LOL

I too am grateful that it exists, because I can't imagine not getting to enjoy the fruits of so many people's creative labors. Life would be so different without them. :)


My brain works this way too. I've tried to brainstorm a particular idea for a specific market a couple of times and it hasn't worked very smoothly. I go blank and then, if I do come up with something, it feels exactly like you described, that it wasn't MY idea. It's pretty much like how I feel when taking a test and being asked to give an example for a problem. I eventually come up with something I read or heard but I didn't create the answer.

My ideas that come out of the blue work best, but I suspect they have been percolating for a while. I think "they" need me to remember some kind of hierarchy before they will let me own it as my own. The story will follow the idea, but not the other way around. :)


Me again! LOL I keep thinking I'm contradicting myself because I love to use writing prompts and often follow certain themes, but I think the ideas are still first. There, now I've clarified my stance. LOL

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I think writing prompts fit this because it's like a literary amuse bouche, or a sharp poke in the ribs. It makes the muse's interest perk up and then the ideas start coming to us.

I also agree that a lot of ideas have been percolating for a while. They just FEEL like they're an instant flash in our brains. It's just that there's a quiet period between the initial inspiration and the "aha!" moment. LOL

I loved your clarification, but I didn't think you were contradicting yourself. Even if you did, writers are allowed to do that. :)


Exactly, Donna. The "quiet period" between the initial inspriation and the "aha!" has often been a very long time for me. Or it's like a muse's "silent treatment," which can seem very loud. The "ah ha!" is probably the muse saying "I told you so." LOL

Donna Cummings

The muse's silent treatment is the WORST. LOL I think you're right about the "ah ha!" being a muse's "I told you so". Why do I feel like it's accompanied by a smirk too?

Terri Osburn

I want to know what happens in the story where the person misidentifies herself! LOL! That sounds fun.

I've never gone "looking" for a story idea. Like you, they just find me. And I write slow so they're building up now. My problem is, I get internal stories with little external plot to make them interesting. So then I do have to go "hunt" for that part. But those are at least getting easier to find. :)

Donna Cummings

Terri, I'm definitely intrigued by the misidentifier. LOL I wonder if it'll get combined with another story prompt I'm pondering. You know, that would work out so nice if it did!

I have to hunt for certain external parts too. I think that's part of the process, finding things that match the rest of your story. It's also kind of the FUN part. "Nope, this doesn't fit. But hey, this might." LOL Kind of a writing scavenger hunt.

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