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December 26, 2011


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I have some interesting search terms on my blog also and, like you, I feel a little bad (but not too bad) that a searcher finds me because the terms I used in an analogy matched what they really wanted. For instance, I imagine my "popular" posts found with searches for Gin Rummy or In the Trenches unintentionally misled a few non-writers! LOL

Is there nothing a writer can't connect to writing? Nope. LOL One of my draft blog posts has a title "Hugs and Drill Sargeants." That should bring in an interesting audience. LOL!


Oops. I guess I meant "is there ANYTHING a writer can't connect to writing?"

Oh, and if comments count in the searches too (I think they do), then I guess you will get the "Hugs and Drill Sargeants" crowd first. LOL!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I'm looking forward to the "Hugs and Drill Sargeants" post! And I'm hoping we both get some hits from that -- we can compare them. LOL

I think everything can be connected to writing. I think that's just how our brains operate -- it's how we perceive the world, and how we describe it. Writing is everything, and everything is writing. :)

Carol Kilgore

Fun post!

Thanks for visiting my blog today and commenting on Rochelle's post.

Nice to meet you.

Donna Cummings

Carol, it's nice to meet you too! Thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed Rochelle's post--it was a lot of fun. :)


Donna, you wisely don't mention the other sites that those search terms might reveal.

For example (just guessing!)
*Cricket in the bath tub* might have lead to nude cricketers tossing cricket balls about in a large wash area. LOL

Donna Cummings

LOL -- I hadn't even thought of the other sites that might pop up. It might be fun to track them down! And your example is why I love the differences in British and American word usage. Of course there would be a different meaning to "cricket". LOL

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