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December 12, 2011


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Donna, Why not be really wicked and get a kindle as well.
Did you notice my demon's horns? *grin*

You can plug it in to the car's HiFi and listen to e-books as you drive!

Your efforts to alleviate the debt crisis are truly commendable. I think that you should write your next book under a pseudonym.'The Saint' would suit

As long as you tell us it's you! *smile*

Donna Cummings

You are pure evil, Q. TWO e-readers? LOL Okay, maybe I can do that once I've made my first million. Although right now I'm looking for ACCESSORIES for my Nook -- it needs a cover to protect it, and a wall charger, and. . .it's like having a Barbie doll or something. LOL


Donna, I don't even own an e-reader yet, and I completely understand. I'm hoping Santa brings me a Kindle because I'm tired of reading books on the Kindle app for PC. But I can't resist--free books (including e-ARCS), books for under $5, books checked out from the library without ever leaving home, and all those autobuy author books that are now only one Amazon click away. I tell myself I'm just spending on books the money I save by not having to drive into the city to find the books I want.

Donna Cummings

Janga, I started out with the Kindle app for PC and loved it--that's probably where I began to seriously consider the "need" for an ereader. Especially when I couldn't lay down while reading on my laptop the way I can with a paperback or the ereader. LOL

However, it seems like Kindle has a few (zillion) more free books, so I may have to keep using the Kindle app on occasion. Unless Q convinces me to have two ereaders. LOL

I'm really looking forward to checking books out from the library. My library fines would buy a great deal of ebooks!

Terri Osburn

This is how I get in trouble on iTunes. That BUY NOW button. I hit it way too often. When the money just miraculously moves around, it doesn't feel like spending money, ya know? It's like a Jedi mind trick!

Donna Cummings

Terri, it definitely IS a Jedi mind trick. It doesn't FEEL like money is changing hands, so nothing is really happening, right? I'm obviously not a financial wizard. LOL I should just have my paycheck direct deposited into my Nook account. :)

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