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February 27, 2012


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It sounds as though you see your characters as part of your growing family.

You have to nurture them through their development but desist from trying to guide their choices too much.

When you finish a number of books, I guess the characters may form an extended family. Or will your characters get re-born in the new books, rather like the Budhist idea of cyclical existence.

And where do you see yourself as the author. A mum perhaps or a God-like creator.

If I could write as well as you I think the latter would fit the bill nicely for me. *grin*

Donna Cummings

Q, you're right -- I've got a whole extended family here. LOL I always think of them knowing each other too. Maybe I should ask one group, "So, what do you think so-and-so is up to? Have you heard from them lately?" It might give me some insight into them. :)

Sometimes I think I'm more of a nanny than a God-like creator. LOL


I love it when a character's quirks show themselves and surprise me. Or when completely new characters show up like wedding crashers! I always get new characters in a story that I didn't invite. LOL

The show and character you describe sounds like something I'd get into watching. That combination of emotional pain and eccentric behavior is a mesmerizing mix. Those kind of characters are so unpredictable...even for the writer. :)

Sounds like you're having a great time with your new story and evolving characters! Hurry up and finish, okay? LOL

Donna Cummings

Well, that was bizarre -- my comment disappeared. On my own blog! LOL

Anyway, Melissa, I loved your analogy of characters being wedding crashers. It's perfect. And those are the ones that are the most fun, even if they're a bit rowdy and cause the other characters to gasp when they show up. It keeps the writer on their toes!

I found the show Endgame on Hulu, and they show new episodes each Monday night. I really do look forward to it. He's a great example of a character with flaws who is definitely intriguing.

And thanks for the pressure--I mean, motivation--to get writing done today. LOL I've got a couple stories vying for my attention. I'm hoping today I'll get a lot more use of my writing hours than usual. I'll let you know how it goes!

writing essay

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and ideas!

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