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February 24, 2012


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If I didn't know that I didn't get to posting my WIP blog post this morning, I'd swear you were talking about me. LOL Yep, it has "choice" in the first paragrah and I had to double-check it was still in draft. LOL!

I guess this just shows how widespread this "choice" worry is. Sometimes I turn it around and say I didn't choose not to write, I just chose to do something else. But I still get those symptoms you were mentioning about discomfort and feeling out of sorts and I'm pretty sure it's those characters in limbo calling to me. I know it is...even if another part of my brain is telling me I really did have the flu earier this week. LOL

But I'm superstitious too so I'm definitely recommitting some smaller bites to the stories. :)

Donna Cummings

Melissa, sorry I caused you alarm! LOL There are so many competing choices, for our time and our energy, and it's hard not to feel like we're making the wrong choice, at least every once in a while. :)

I guess it would be hard to tell if the symptoms are from the flu or from writing discomfort. LOL (Hope you're feeling better, since there are some yecchy germs out there right now.)

I feel good about choosing to write today, since I managed 2k with my wordcount, and I'm happy with the mess of words that emerged. LOL I can actually see the story in there too!


It is truly amazing how much this is speaking to me at this exact moment. For so long I've had story ideas bubbling in my mind but my fear has kept me from moving on - from actually finishing or moving the story forward. And for the first time in two years, I finally sat down three weeks ago and just wrote. I wrote as if I didn't give a hoot what I wrote or who saw it and you know what? I finished my story last night. It's done. Completed. Finished. I cannot tell you how empowering that realization is - that I overcame my fear!

Oh, the fear is definitely still there, but now I know I've got the guts that it takes to overthrow it every once in a while. Now I want to write and it's getting easier to tell those nagging voices of insecurity to shut up! I'm not going to lie, it was hard as hell to stop myself from procrastinating and for the first time in years I was having intense anxiety - and I'm only 21!!! But that what happens when you deny the truest part of who you are as a writer - when you deny your stories from being told.
So thank you Donna, your blog still continues to keep me on my toes and get me through the writing week. I enjoy knowing that there's someone else out there that understands, that truly just GETS what's going on in this crazy writer's mind of mine.



It must be really hard work tring to be a nine to five writing Goddess.
Creativity just doesn't work to order!

I find that my best ideas come while I am walking the hills surrounded by staggeringly beautiful natural scenery. Just try and explain that to an employer though. The employer is much happier if you sit at a desk staring at a computer all day long!

As an 'Energy Medicine' enthusiast I believe in a holistic approach, listening to your body and mind. If writing becomes difficult and hard work then your 'writing energies' are probably in dissaray. I don't think that the chakra or meridian for writing has yet been identified, but when it is you will need to massage the appropriate areas to get those writing energies flowing again.

An Energy Healer like Donna Eden or Carolyne Myss would probably look at your aura and energy flows and identify the problem .... at a price.

For me though, a walk on the hills followed by a stiff scotch usually solves the problem in a very enjoyable way.

Your body and mind will let you know when you are ready.
Then you can choose to write. *smile*

Donna Cummings

Britt, I'm thrilled that you finished your story! That's such a great accomplishment! *throws confetti* It's even more exciting that you did it after you knocked fear aside and just went for it. You're right about the fear coming back, but now that you know you can overcome it, it won't hold as much sway over you. :)

There's always something that will try to derail our confidence in our writing, so it helps when we know there are other writers out there going thru similar things. And it REALLY helps to hear stories like yours--where fear just couldn't stop you!

Thanks for letting me know that my blog posts help. :) There are some days I think I'm not coming up with anything new, or particularly useful. I'm glad you proved me wrong!

Donna Cummings

Q, my writing muse (I refuse to call Endora a Goddess -- LOL -- she's hard enough to deal with NOW) doesn't work a 9-to-5 schedule. Heck, neither do I. LOL

I would like to have somebody assess my writing chakras. :) It would be fascinating to see them on the good days and then compare them to the not-so-good days.

Until then maybe the walk-and-scotch method will have to work. If that doesn't do the trick, then maybe this new story I'm working on will keep me energized until I can reach the end. :)

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