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March 18, 2012


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Linda Morris

Cute and funny! I like the bit about adjusting her adult diaper, lol.

Silver James

Why do I sense some impending doom here? Great hook as always, Donna!

Paula Martin

Intirguing snippet which reveals her thoughts very clearly.


You packed a lot into those six sentences! :) Count me in also for being hooked on that sense of impending doom.


I'm hooked...love it.

Kate Warren

How many times has Alexa been married?! Great six! Really pulled me in.

Lorraine Paton

A lot of questions come to mind after reading your six - makes me want to read more! Great snippet.

Angela Quarles

LOL, loved it! Love her voice and her speculation about their nursing home days, but man, the end sounded ominous! Am hooked :)

Heather Boyd

Wow. I was laughing at the adult diaper, sad at the 'final chance to stand at the alter'. Very emotional six. Well done!

Donna Cummings

Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful comments. I might have been a little more ominous than I meant to be--so I feel bad making you worry. :)

And Kate, this is Alexa's 4th wedding. Which is why Shelby is a little tired of being a bridesmaid. LOL

Ileandra Young

Certainly agree the end sounded ominous, but the humour in the beginning was a nice balance to it all. I wonder, just how many times is one person allowed to get married? :)

Donna Cummings

Ileandra -- I don't know that there's a marriage limit. LOL Thanks for stopping by. :)

charmaine gordon

Humor mixed with foreboding. Terrific six!

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