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March 05, 2012


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This is interesting! There are so many things I like about this idea of morning pages -- the morning part when we're trying to sort out our day, the for your eyes only part for freedom from the inner critic that has a knack of borrowing from every outside influence, and the warm-up part for allowing some trial and error thinking outside of the story.

But still, in spite of the reassurances, I always have a hard time believing in the informality of a stream-of-conscience writing "excercise." (And yes, I can see I sabataged myself by calling it an exercise! LOL!) I have a hard time believing there really is no wrong way to do stream of consciousness writing -- and I've run into this every time I've attempted a journal.

But just this morning in the shower (as often happens!) I thought of some changes for things in the story that aren't working chronologically and I jotted a lot of notes down. And those notes are really ugly. LOL After reading this post, I'm downright proud of my "ugly" accomplishment.

Donna Cummings

Melissa, I know it doesn't seem like it works, and I'm not the type that keeps a journal, mainly because I know I'll be embarrassed if I go back and read what I wrote. LOL

But one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning -- especially those cold ones where I want to stay burrowed under the covers -- is my mind starts racing from this thing to that. Stuff I need to do. Stuff I want to avoid. Stuff that makes me anxious.

Putting all of that into the morning pages gives it a voice, which it needs, since it's so insistent, and then you can kind of dismiss it. It doesn't need to keep poking at you, distracting you from what you want to accomplish.

The shower notes are the best! I'm sure they're not ugly. But I'm glad the info rose to the surface of your brain so you could jot them down. :)

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