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March 30, 2012


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I read a new author mostly for a familiar and favorite theme. Amnesia theme? I'll give it a try. LOL Or a regency highwayman. :) I'm also a bit of a read and discard reader who surrounds myself with a pile of books and browses the beginnings until I find the one. Auto-buys are about 60% repeat authors. I kept lowering the number because theme really is huge. I think reading the same author has actually gone down a bit with the increased trend of sequels. I want to, but can't commit my time to sequels these days!

This is great stuff to think about during revision (my current mindset of the moment) and I'm mulling over how the PLAN is similar to clarifying the character's goal. More thinking to be done. LOL!

Donna Cummings

Melissa, that's intriguing -- that it's the theme that gets you to try someone new. (And thank you for giving my Regency highwayman a try!) I think I get caught up in the author's voice, and if they make me forget I'm "just looking", then I have to get the book. :)

I only have a couple auto-buy authors, and it's actually partly because of the number of sequels. LOL I like being immersed in certain worlds, I guess, and seeing all my "friends" again.

And now I want to go read. LOL I know I've got something good on the Nook. And probably somebody new too!


I have a number of auto-buy authors for a range of genres. In each case I have simply fallen in love with the author's universe and characters and admire the writing style ... or voice. In order of discovery: Robin Hobb, Sophie Kinsella, Catherine Anderson, Robyn Carr, Elizabeth Lowell,.......Donna Cummings.

I'm always on the lookout to add to the list so frequently choose a new author to try.
I follow recommendations or personal knowledge from blogs. Just occasionally I will browse a book site and a title or cover will catch my eye and make me look further. If there is a prologue then I will read it to get a glimpse of the author's universe and voice. If still interested I will take it further, investigating the author's web site, back list, reader ratings, and downloading a sample before buying the book.

If there is a lesson here it would be that an indie author, with no publisher to handle the marketing, MUST have an eye catching title and cover. There are so many indies that its impossible to look at all of them and I tend to stick to Amazon's top 100 lists or 'most popular' lists. Price is also important and the début novel in particular needs to be attractively priced to get people to try it. As sales rise and good reviews and ratings mount, then the price can be increased.

How are your sales coming along Donna?
Might be an idea to include sales figures on your site, next to the covers.
If people see the books selling like hot cakes, they may want a taste!

Donna Cummings

Q, you're such a sweetie! Thanks for including me in such an amazing group. :)

Your discovery method sounds very similar to mine. I love that there are so many avenues available via the web, including author websites, Goodreads (which has reader recommendations), and of course Twitter, and Facebook. I can easily get an idea of the author's voice and the story, and if I'm hooked, I have to add them to the TBR pile!

I wish my sales were in the hot cake range, but at the moment they're a little cooler than that. LOL I'm getting some lovely reviews, and have been gaining some fans, so I hope they'll be looking forward to the next thing I publish. Which of course I am in the process of finishing!

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